New Beginnings

I have always been a sports fan, as long as i can remember.  As a kid baseball was my passion.  Athletes were my heroes.  Now that I am significantly older I have a different perspective on athletes although I have not lost my passion for sports.

I have seen countless press conferences on television where professional athletes announce their retirements from their respective sports.  For obvious reason these televised events are reserved for the rare athlete who been able to have a long and distinguished career.  When I was younger it would strike me as odd that often times these would be tearful events.  Why would you be sad?  You have lived your dream, made tremendous amounts of money, have incredible fame.  Now you can spend the remainder of your life doing what you want.

I am much older now and I know the reason for the tears.  I too spent a long career doing a certain thing, although I am not sure whether it was distinguished.  I would like to think that it was.  I do know this, it ended much quicker than I thought it would.  I wasn’t a professional athlete but my job did rely on my physical and mental ability.  As you age those abilities begin to decline.  By the time you are in your forties you realize why they allow you to retire at a relatively young age.  You can’t do it as well as you did when you were twenty five.  It is time to go.  Your days of protecting others is over.

It is a harsh realization that you aren’t that person anymore.  You try new things, new jobs but nothing replaces that thing, that identity.  You have spent a lifetime with a certain type of person, doing a certain type of thing.  Other people aren’t the same.  They have spent a lifetime doing their thing, you are a stranger amongst them.

It took me some time to find where I belonged.  I found it telling stories in books.  I like telling stories especially when I can interject a tiny bit of personal experiences into each one of them.  I started a series “Winter House”  and published it on Amazon.  It is great fun and has filled the void.

What’s my point?  It’s that you should always find something in your life that makes you feel important.  When one thing ends another should begin.  Never stop looking for a new beginning.

Thanks for you time, talk to you soon.


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