NASCAR The Chase

NASCAR!  The racing was poor yesterday.  If you consider Joey Logano leading the vast majority of the laps, very little passing, and hardly any drama poor.

I love NASCAR, love it.  Haven’t missed a race on television since 2008 and have taken in several in person.  I consider myself a true racing fan, meaning this.  I understand that not all of the entertainment value of racing comes from what happens at the track.  When I was first drawn to the sport it was because it relied heavily on a great deal of strategy and even more than that preparation.  Most races are won and lost weeks, maybe months before the teams show up at a race.  They are won “back at the shop”.  A lot of people may have a rudimentary understanding of NASCAR racing.  They may think the sport operates like it did in the 50’s.  Some guys get together in someones garage and work on a car.  Those are people who don’t get it.  Those are people who have never visited one of the numerous racing team shops, mostly in the Charlotte NC area.  These are state of the art facilities staffed by engineers and technicians payed top dollar to put cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the track to win.  It is not just a sport it is a science.  That is what I like.  I like preparation, always have.

As with any other sport usually the teams with the ability and desire to spend the most money wins.  Nothing wrong with that as far as I’m concerned, after all this is a capitalist country.  Normally the people with the most money set the rules.

So yesterdays race was won by Joey Logano in a car owned by Roger Penske (Billionaire) and sponsored by Penzoil (part of a multi billion dollar enterprise).  Months ago the 22 car team began to prepare their Charlotte car for this round of the chase. They put together the best chassis and best engine.  They tested the car, pushed it as far as they could on the mechanical rules mandated by NASCAR.  Team Penske and Penzoil have money and they want to win.  They raced Joe Gibbs Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, Stewart Haas Racing, Furniture Row Racing, and others.  Sure they raced on the track but really they raced them back at the shop when they were all preparing their cars and programs.

Would I have like to see more passing on the track with a photo finish at the end?  Yes I would but I understand that isn’t likely to happen with any regularity.  instead I prefer to concentrate on all aspects of racing.  Next week they will go to Kansas, that race may have been decided months ago.  I can’t wait to see who won.

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Thanks for the time.  Talk to you soon.


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