Spin and Win

So I wondered how long it would take for someone to put a name on the move Joey Logano put on Matt Kenseth to win at Kansas on Sunday.  The answer?  Not very long at all.  Yesterday I heard it referred to as “The Spin to Win”.

i think that is as an appropriate name as any for what happened.  Now let me preface my opinion, and that’s all any of these posts are, with this fact.  I like Joey Logano, I have a picture of he and I in my home.  Five years ago Joey drove a car owned by someone I know in a charity Late Model race.  I sponsored the car and spent the day in the pits watching Joey get ready for the race.  He would have been 20 then but a very serious and seemingly nervous 20.  Many of his Cup counterparts were in the race.  Stewart, Kyle, and Harvick had cars in the race and were pitted near Joey’s car.  It wasn’t a particularly friendly atmosphere.

I remember thinking how young he seemed, and he was.  I also remember how badly I wanted him to win.  Not because my logo was on his hood but because I had a sense that he was amongst competitors who maybe didn’t like him so much.  Why?  Probably for a lot of reasons but mostly because he was a threat to them.  For years he had been touted as the next great driver.  Remember “Sliced Bread?”

Joey didn’t win that Late Model race but he won the Kansas race this past Sunday.  As a matter of fact he has now won 10 races in the past two seasons.  That is more than any other driver in the Cup series during that same time.  I like the way he won Kansas.  I like what he did to Matt.  It is COMPETITION!  What was Matt doing running Joey up the track and into the fence?  He was trying to win, he shouldn’t have been surprised when Joey moved him to win, he was doing the same thing.

I like Joey, I don’t care if his family is wealthy and that along with his incredible talent helped him get into the series.  Get over that folks.  If you or I worked hard and put in the time like Joey’s dad we could be rich too, we didn’t so be mad at yourself if you want to be mad at someone.

Joey got pushed around a lot during his first few years in the series, I don’t think that is going to happen anymore.

Thanks for your time, talk to you soon.

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