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Talladega Top Ten

So here we go, the much anticipated Talladega elimination race.  After Sunday we will have only 8 drivers remaining who can win the Sprint Cup Championship.  A couple Fan favorites, JR and Kenseth pretty much need to win to move on.

Here is an interesting fact.  The Talladega Chase Race, since 2004, has been won by chasers only 6 of 11 times.  So there is a good chance a driver outside the chase can win it, but they won’t.

This is only the 2nd year of this Chase format and last year Brad Keselowski won, he had to, and moved on.  I’m predicting a similar situation Sunday.  However I’m also predicting some major disappointment.

So here we go:

10 Kurt Bush

Kurt has been Mr Steady and that won’t change Sunday.  He doesn’t need to win and so won’t put himself in a position to wreck trying to at the end of the race.

9 Kevin Harvick

Kevin will be spending the last few laps with Kurt.  He moves in from this position.

8 Austin Dillon

Have you noticed the RCR cars have been getting faster?  Austin is good at plate tracks.  Look for him to keep the 3 up front most of the day spoiling some chase hopes.

7 Denny Hamlin

Denny will work with a Teammate to help him get a win but in the end this is as close to the front as he will get.

6 Matt Kenseth

Sorry Matt, Denny gave it a shot, you had fast cars but just not fast enough.

5 Jeff Gordon

Jeff isn’t ready to quit just yet.  He won’t have the fastest car all day but Hendrick power will be strong.

4 Joey Logano

The winner of the last two races helps make sure his teammate gets to the round of 8.  Penske cars will be a factor through Homestead.

3 Brad Keselowski

He and Joey will stay up front all day.  Joey will help again this year.  It won’t be a win but it will be enough.

2 Jimmie Johnson

Remember 2011?  He doesn’t owe him one anymore.

1 Dale Earnhardt Jr

Nobody drives Dega like Jr.  He will be in 4th coming into the Tri Oval.  Jimmie finds him and pushes him past the 2 and 22.  Jr Stays alive.

Hard luck in the chase will continue for Kyle Bush and Carl Edwards. They get turned around late in the race when Carl tries to push Kyle on a restart and stacks up the field.  Hamlin is lone remaining JGR car.

Ryan Newman’s engine blows up early in the race.

Gordon, Jr, Hamlin, Harvick, Kurt Bush, Brad, Joey all move on as does Truex Jr who finishes 12th.

Thanks for your time.  We will see how close I am on Monday


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