Only one Attempt?

So I planned to write about how accurate my predictions were from Talladega. Not too good really as you can see for yourself. Kurt finished 10th which is the only finish I got right. However, I did accurately predict 6 of the 8 transfers into the next round.

Enough on that though. I want to talk about the finish. Last week NASCAR decided to only allow one “attempt” at the Green, White, Checker at Dega. I wasn’t a fan of the idea but they said it was for safety and who can argue against that.

So when they lined up for the first and only attempt at the GWC and dropped the rag I was a little confused with what happened next. The 48 and 42 tangled and spun and the yellow came out. Race over right? Not so fast. NASCAR said it wasn’t an attempt because the lead cars hadn’t reached the Start/Finish line. So they lined them up again for the “first attempt” and started the race again. This time when a wreck happened back in the pack there was a long time until the yellow was displayed.

C’mon NASCAR. It’s insulting to us when you tell us things like “that wasn’t an attempt.” Sure it was. It just wasn’t entertaining enough so you said it wasn’t. You didn’t want to look bad while implementing your new rule but in the end you look worse. It was such an entertaining race with so many stories and sub stories, mostly linked to the chase. Then what happens? You mess up the end of the story.

Worst of all it allowed Kevin Harvick to cheat by intentionally wrecking the 6 to bring out that yellow and maintaining his spot in the chase. His engine was done, he was out! The in car camera clearly shows him turn right into the 6. His crew chief clearly told him what needed to be done, it could be heard on their radio communications. Did you see him try to get away from the interview at the end?

I am a fan, always will be but NACAR you gotta do better and you gotta penalize the 4.

Thanks for your time, talk to you soon.


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