Hendrick Motorsports, Class Organization

I am going to miss Jeff Gordon, a lot! Not just because of what a great driver he has been for 2 plus decades but because of how he conducts his business. In an era where we are bombarded with reports of Domestic Abuse, DUIs, Arrests, and other nefarious acts carried out by our athletes he is a great example to everyone how athletes should act. Jeff has seen more success than most on the track. He has also had his disappointments and that is when he has shown the best of himself. Sure he has gotten angry over the years, had run ins with other drivers but not too many. However, no matter what happens he climbs from his car and treats everyone he talks to with respect. He gets it! He understands how fortunate he is to get to do what he does. Most importantly he understands the responsibility that comes with that.

We will still have Jimmie and Jr, at least for a little longer. Kasey will be there and here comes Chase Elliot. All class acts as well.

What do they all have in common besides being classy athletes? They drive for Hendrick Motorsports. There isn’t enough coincidence in the world to think that the two aren’t related. I don’t think Mr. H would have anyone drive for him who doesn’t get it. Remember Kyle’s brief stay at HMS? HMS has done a lot of winning since 1984 but some things are more important than winning. Conducting yourself in the right way and treating others with respect are two of them.

Thanks Mr H for giving us great drivers who are also good people!

Thanks for your time, talk to you soon.


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