Martinsville Top Ten

Martinsville is my favorite track on the Cup Circuit! I am a big fan of Short track racing. I can’t remember a more anticipated race in years. NASCAR clearly has hit on something with this current format.

There are a lot of questions going into the race. Will Matt get even with Joey? Will everyone get even with Harvick? Honestly I don’t see that happening at least not in any overt way.

The more important question is, will a chaser win and punch his ticket to Homestead? I say yes. Here are my top 10.

10. Dale Jr

9. Brad Keselowski

8. Martin Truex Jr

7. Jimmie Johnson

6. Kurt Busch

5. Kyle Busch

4. Carl Edwards

3. Logano

2. Kevin Harvick

1. Jeff Gordon

Not terribly exciting I know but let’s be realistic. A lot of people would like to see someone spin Harvick after what happened last week. Nobody will! Not this week. For the most part these guys get it. They won’t do anything to hurt the sport. The only guy who may do something like that is the one everybody is upset with.

Matt may get Joey at some point but not this year. Matt is a pro, he won’t blemish the chase either.

Thanks for your time. We’ll see how I did on Monday.


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