How do you write?

How do you write?  I think that is a question that a lot of us who write ourselves would like to ask others.  When I say how I mean when, how long, and how frequently.  I write fiction and when I do I like to write for at least 2 hours, uninterrupted everyday.  That way I seem to stay in the flow of the story.  It’s not always possible but I like to.  As far as when,  I really like to write early, very early.  My favorite time is around 4AM to 6 or so.  It’s very quiet in my house then and there are no distractions.  It also keeps me from thinking about anything else and generally sets the tone for the entire day.

The best thing that ever happened for me, as far as writing, is ebook self publishing.  It is a true pleasure for me when someone reads one of my books.  I will never get rich from writing but creating something and having someone read and like it is its on reward!!

Let me know how you write.  Talk to you soon!


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