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Championship Weekend

I have listened all week on both television and radio about what will happen this weekend in Homestead.  I really like the current format for the Chase.  I think Kyle Busch, Gordon, Truex Jr, and Harvick would probably been the guys in the running regardless of the format.  However, I really like that they reset the points and run straight up against each other.

I also think that qualifying is really, really important for this race.  We all know with the current package that NASCAR runs it is very hard to pass.  This means that if a team doesn’t qualify well they will need to make up those positions with Pit Strategy, something that rarely works out.

So here we go:

4th  Jeff Gordon

I want Jeff to win, I really want Jeff to win.  Who wouldn’t like to see him ride off to the Fox Booth with a fifth championship.  However, I think he will qualify poorly, starting 15th and spend the day trying to get to the front.

3rd Martin Truex Jr.

Truex will have a good piece this weekend but just not quite good enough.  Lacking the support from a teammate his set up will be a little off.  He will run top 10 but not high enough.

2nd Kyle Busch

Kyle will qualify well.  I’m guessing in the top five.  He will race our eventual champion most of the day but just won’t have quite enough speed to stay with him.

1st Kevin Harvick

He has been fast all year and that won’t change this weekend.  Harvick will get the pole, take the lead early and not relinquish it most of the afternoon.

Talk to you Monday!


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