Sports Hero

So, I have been watching the story about Peyton Manning and the alleged incident between he and an esteemed Athletic Health Professional while he was at the University of Tennessee.  Now let me be clear, I am well aware that these are allegations.

If what is alleged happened while he was a member of the football team really happened then his “legacy” should be tarnished forever but thats not enough.  In addition to what allegedly happened, as a father of three daughters I can’t even write it here, it appears that he and his father decided to get out in front of the incident before they cashed in again on their name and wrote a book.  In this book they clearly breached a confidentiality agreement by defaming this woman again causing her to file suit.

Now I am a grown man and as such I have long realized that nobody could possibly be the person Peyton Manning has been represented to be, nobody is that good.  We all know that but probably won’t all admit it.  I have long ago stopped being disappointed by people, it is liberating.

Heres the thing.  If these things are true then Peyton isn’t just “not as good as he seems to be”, he is a bad person.  There is a huge difference and again we all know that difference.  He and his family have allegedly gone out of their way to hurt someone.

Maybe people should stop looking to people who have been pampered and propped up their entire lives to be their hero or role model or person who represents all things good.  Peyton Manning can throw a football and read a defense and is so bent on being the best he is willing to put his god given gifts into being the best quarterback in the NFL.  Is that really something admirable?  I don’t think so, I think its entertainment plain and simple.  So now, allegedly, that entertainment did terrible things.  Time to find new entertainment.  If what he allegedly did is true he should pay as severe a penalty as possible.

I know men and women who serve you everyday.  They keep you safe when you can’t keep yourself safe.  Believe me there are situations that most of you are not prepared to deal with nor would you want to.  They are out there, some in uniform some not.  Some of these men and women are a little rough around the edges.  They might use rough language, might be at times a little abrasive but they are taking care of you.  They literally risk their lives everyday to help you.  Now I know thats not as dangerous as staring down a defensive blitz?  They don’t do commercials or purport to be squeaky clean but they are doing something real.  Think about it.


Talk to you soon


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