Truck Series

I am a fan of the Truck Series, how about you?  Today I was fortunate enough to have the chance to catch some Truck Series practice on television from Daytona.  I think as a whole the series is on the way up.  There are some strong teams with some great young drivers. It will only be a matter of time before they institute a Charter system like the Cup series has in Xfinity and Truck.  They’ll have too.  The purses are too small is it is and they can’t keep spreading it out among teams that show up, run a few laps and then leave.  The series will probably drop down to maybe 25 trucks, give charters to and increase the winnings for the top 18 or so and keep the series going in the right direction.

This will mean that there are several teams who show up now every race and make just enough to come back the following week and do it again who will be out of business.  This may sound harsh but that has been a long time coming.  Would you like to go to work, stay all day, work hard, do what was necessary to complete your work and then share your salary with someone who came in late, stayed an hour, and did nothing while he was there?  Me either.

For any organization to survive it must evolve and make changes to meet the current demands.  NASCAR has needed to increase the competition for a while now and that is what they are doing.  So you and I will be able to see quality teams continue to compete.  Gibbs, Thorsport, BKR, KBR, JR Motorsports will all be able to continue to field competitive trucks and as such we will see good competitive racing with young drivers on the way up.

I know a lot of you think its great that small teams can come and compete but lets be honest, its not great.  They don’t win and they never will.  As much as you may think its great, its bad for the sport.

Tomorrow will be my first race picks for the Daytona 500.

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