The 500

You will hear a lot of folks say that the Cup Season really gets started next week in Atlanta.  I know what they mean.  Everything they do at Daytona is so much different than the rest of the tracks, save Dega, that it’s kind of a one off.  On the other hand you hear those same folks refer to it as the “Super Bowl” of NASCAR.  It’s both and I love it!  I haven’t missed, thanks to the greatest invention in modern history the DVR, a minute of on track activity.

There are some really fast cars!  None seems faster than Dale Jr’s.  He is the odds on favorite to win, but he won’t.  I’d like him to because as you know I’m a unabashed HMS and Chevy fan!  Jr will have the best piece in the race but my prediction is that he will get caught up in something late in the race, nothing serious, that will take him out of it.

A young man, a series rookie, who will have shown speed all day will make a move to the lead coming into the tri oval, block a late move by Denny Hamlin, and take the checkered flag.  He will pull the iconic car into Victory lane, jump out and thank his team, sponsors and Ford!  That’s right the young Ryan Blaney will win the 2016 500.  For a week people will talk about how the Wood brothers got cheated out of a charter.  It will be a great start to a new season and new era!

Talk to you soon!


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