March Madness

I’m not a particular fan of basketball.  I did watch some of yesterday’s games which were pretty good.  Watching got me thinking about a topic I hear from time to time on Sports radio.  Should college athletes be compensated?  Yes without  question.

It would be hard to fathom the amount of money these kids, that’s what they are, are generating for the schools, conferences, NCAA, networks, and advertisers.  Basketball and football make all the money.  Please don’t tell me these kids are being compensated with a scholarship.  That is chicken feed in comparison to the revenue their talent generates.  They are being used for their skills to make money.  I call that work and you should be paid for work.

I really like it when I hear the reason for the basketball one and done rule.  “It benefits the player”.  Really?  It benefits all of the above!  It makes sure they make some money off the kid and he can’t go directly to the NBA like Lebron.  They get theirs first.  Shameful!

I hate seeing people being taken advantage of.  I really hate it when people deny doing it.  Share the wealth, pay the kids!

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Talk to you soon



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