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Wow!!  Now that was a race.  I’m not saying that just because I am a fan of Jimmie Johnson and he won.  No, I say that because finally we are seeing some racing.  I’m not talking about the racing “back in the pack” that NASCAR apologists have often referred to up until very recently.  Let’s be honest nobody is interested in the race for 16th place!   I am talking about the racing up front.  Sure Harvick led a lion’s share of the laps but didn’t you find yourself thinking that someone could track him down.  There was the possibility that he could be caught, especially if the caution came out.  It did.  The overtime restart was incredible, again not because the 48 won but because he could.

I know that Fontana lends itself to changing lanes and moving around but weren’t you on the edge of your seat all afternoon as you watched the best race car drivers in the world right on the edge of wrecking?  I was.  Now more than ever drivers are up on the wheel the entire race.

I hope NASCAR stays ahead of the engineers teams employ and continues to keep the downforce off the cars.  I like that teams are forced to look for mechanical grip and even more than that I like that they are forced to look for the best drivers.  We have long known who they are and this package has brought that to greater light.  Look at two drivers who were up front yesterday that are usually not.  Stenhouse and AJ.  We know they can drive and this platform allows them to prove it.

I think as the season moves on we will see the true wheel men and women move toward the front and those that have relied on good equipment and downforce move toward the back.  The playing field will never be level, just not possible,  but it has tilted in the right direction.


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