Power Rankings

I heard an interesting statistic the other day that I probably should have known but I didn’t.  Last season Hendrick, JGR, Penske, and SHR won 35 of 36 races.  The only driver to reach the Winner’s Circle outside the big four was Martin Truex Jr. at Pocono.  This year Martin is driving for the the same team, Furniture Row, but in a Toyota closely aligned with JGR making him by extension a JGR driver.

I knew these were dominant teams but I guess I didn’t realize just how dominant.  Maybe because each of them have multiple drivers who win?

So here is my question.  Will anyone outside this four win a race this season?  Roush/Fenway seems to be making a bit of a comeback with Stenhouse showing the most promise and speed.  RCR had two cars in the chase last season but no wins.  The 3 car seems to have a lot of speed this year and many in the sport think Dillon will be in Victory Lane before season’s end.

A lot of people are questioning Kyle Larson, who in 2014 showed great promise but hasn’t shown much since.  It has nothing to do with his ability and everything to do with the equipment he is in.  Gnassi is way behind.

OK ,lets be honest.  Someone may sneak, and I mean sneak, in to Victory lane outside the top four teams.   I don’t count Truex as being outside.  Perhaps AJ will win at the Glen or McMurray at a plate track but I doubt it.  No, I think that the big four are so far ahead of the others that it may be quite some time before anyone can pull even.  They have the money, the engineering, and the talent.  It isn’t unlike many other major sports teams with the best talent.

Is this good for the sport.  No!  Why?  Because these four teams represent all three manufacturers so Chevy, Ford, and Toyota all get to win.  Even though only four teams won last season it was still 11 different drivers meaning it wasn’t the same driver celebrating week after week.  So even with this dominance the winning was somewhat spread out.  Would it be better if there were more winners?  Probably but right now that just isn’t what is happening in the sport.


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