Manufacturer Move

By now it has been well documented that Stewart Haas Racing will be moving from Chevrolet to Ford next season.  It was a big move for both SHR and Ford.  I’m not convinced that it will work out for either party.  Here is why.

Sure SHR will still have two Cup Champions on the team next season, Harvick and Kurt Bush.  Both are excellent drivers and big names in the Sport.  Want to know why they, especially Harvick, has had so much success since moving to SHR?  Chevrolet and Hendrick Motorsports.  Chevrolet is deeply invested in the sport, more accurately they are invested in Hendrick Motorsports supplying the lions share of their support to that team.  Hendrick in return has created an excellent support to the teams with which they have an alliance and clearly the team with the closest relationship has been SHR.

Ford really had no choice but to make a move.  Their teams that have historically had winning cars have slipped over the last few years.  RFR hasn’t won in forever and Petty is a middle of the pack team.  Only the newly acquired Team Penske has had success.  Chevrolet has won the last 13 Manufacturer titles and 9 of the last 11 driver’s titles.  Toyota is investing a lot of money and resources into Gibbs and now Furniture row.  Ford can’t let them overtake them in the sport and be seen as the third best manufacturer.

It won’t work out for either.  A change like this is huge and I don’t think SHR will be able to keep pace with building its own stuff at least for a few season.  I could be wrong but I doubt it.  I also think Hendrick will look to align with another Chevy team to help keep the Bowtie at the top of the sport.  Who I don’t know but it could be H Scott and JTG both of whom would obviously benefit from being aligned, or more closely aligned, with HMS.

Here’s my prediction.  Look for Chevy to win both the Driver’s championship and Manufacturer championship for the next several years.  Ford waited too long to make its move.

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