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A Week Off/Martinsville

I am glad that is over.  I understand completely why NASCAR does not race on Easter weekend.  I also understand that the teams need a break to regroup after the West Coast swing.  I just missed racing this weekend.  I missed practice and qualifying on Friday and Saturday and a Xfinity or Truck Race on Saturday.  Of course I missed the Cup race yesterday.

The offseason is tough but you get used to it.  You know its going to be a while so that sense of anticipation isn’t there.  This season has been great, great racing and, at least for me, has left me eagerly waiting for the next race as soon as one has ended.

So now here we go getting ready for racing this coming weekend.  Even better we will be at, what in my opinion, the best track on the circuit.  The half mile paperclip that is Martinsville.  This is racing at its best.  Martinsville is a horsepower track where we will have to worry very little about the low down force package or tires.  Teams will be concerned about  a two pronged combination.  Who has the most speed with the best driver behind the wheel.

Drivers will be leaning on each other fighting for precious track position.  The best cars with the best drivers will move to the front.  Pit stops will be extremely critical.  Nothing will be more important than qualifying and getting the most coveted pit stall.

Basically it will be what NASCAR racing is all about.  All the greatest aspects of the sport rolled into one weekend.  It’s only Monday but I can’t wait.  As the week goes on I will let you know my opinion on the top drivers on each team that have a chance to win this weekend and why.  Please let me know your opinion of my predictions as the week continues.

Talk to you soon.


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