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Martinsville/Joe Gibbs Racing

So this week I am going to break down the top three teams, that have a chance of winning at Martinsville, and which driver from that team will be in victory lane.  Only three teams?  Only one driver from each team?  Yes, that’s right.  It doesn’t take much research to figure it out.

I am gong to include the 78 car from Furniture Row racing in the JGR team because they are getting so much help from them and from Toyota.  However, it doesn’t really matter because there is only really one driver in the JGR camp who has a shot at being in Victory Lane Sunday afternoon.

When I first started looking at the success of the current JGR drivers I was a little shocked.  Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, and Matt Kenseth have combined for a grand total of 0 wins.  That’s right three of the best drivers over the course of the last ten to 15 years have never won at the paper clip.

Martinsville is a unique track in the Cup series.  It takes a driver with incredible patience and particular skill to drive these high power machines on short tracks.  Denny Hamlin grew up driving a series of tracks that taught him how to do it.  South Boston, Southside, Old Dominion, were tracks where the young Hamlin honed his skills.  This has translated to tremendous success at Martinsville.

Since breaking into the Cup Series Denny has won the second most races at Martinsville, 5.  As the week goes on you will see that he and another current driver are far ahead of the field at Martinsville.

Denny has the speed and power of the Gibbs and Toyota cars.  He certainly hasn’t forgotten how to win at Martinsville.  He has distanced himself from his teammates at Martinsville and clearly represents JGRs best chance to win this Sunday.

Tomorrow we will take a look at Hendrick Motorsports.

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