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Team Penske/Martinsville

There has been a lot of talk, a lot of talk this week about what happened last Fall between Joey and Matt at Martinsville.  I wrote about that when it happened and as far as I am concerned it’s now a non issue.  However, we do need to remember where the two Penske drivers were running when things went bad.

Neither Brad or Joey have ever won at Martinsville although both have a runner up finish at the clip.  Last Fall they were both running up front when things broke bad.  They had spent a lot of the afternoon working together on the restarts to make sure they continued to run in the top two.  Then Brad had a mechanical issue that took him and then later Joey, by way of the 20, out of the race.  That series of events changed the complexion of the race and the chase.

Here is something that is important to remember.  Joey and Brad both had great cars at Martinsville.  Here is something else to remember.  Team Penske will very badly want to win this weekend and with the extra week off they will have had that much more time to insure they have the best possible equipment when they pull into the infield.

Joey has, in my opinion, been treated unfairly by other drivers, fans, and to some extent the media.  He didn’t do anything wrong.  He races hard and isn’t that the whole point of racing?  This weekend he will stop apologizing, race hard with great equipment, and be up front.  Brad will race up front too but Joey represents the best chance for a Team Penske win.

So there you have it.  Hamlin, Johnson, and Logano represent, what I think, the drivers most likely to win Sunday at Martinsville.  Tomorrow I will make my prediction on which one will do it.  Let me know what you think.

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