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Change in NASCAR

In the 18th and 19th century in North America a game was played with a bat and ball.  In some areas this game was called Town Ball.  In others it was called “Base” or “Ball”.  The number of players on the field was usually more than nine, there was no foul territory.  In many versions of the game a player could be put out by hitting them with the ball.  This practice was known as “soaking” or “plugging”.

Does this sound familiar?  These early games were the precursor to the modern game of baseball.  Baseball has evolved many, many times over the past 150 years.  Often the changes were made for safety or for other practical reasons.   More recently changes have been made to make the game more entertaining and to keep and attract fans.  Change, yes even what seems like constant change, is necessary for any sport to grow and to keep fans entertained.  Why?  Because without fans there would be no sport.

I have heard and read that many people are tiring of all the changes that NASCAR is making.  I’m not.  I don’t like all of the changes but I do like that they keep trying.  NASCAR seems to be working very hard to make the sport more competitive and more entertaining.  I love the Chase format and the fact that they have continued to tweak it along the way.  Without that tweaking we may not have seen Jeff Gordon running for the Championship in his farewell season.  I like the fact that they continue to change the rules  on the cars.  Without these changes there would be even fewer winners than we have now.   Do we really want to see only a few guys with a chance to win every week?

This year, in the Truck series, NASCAR is experimenting with a mandatory caution.  It is a polarizing rule.  I like it because it adds things the sport needs more of, strategy and greater competition.  A lot of my friends who are not NASCAR fans think that NASCAR is just cars going around in circles.  They are wrong.  They don’t understand the strategy, technology, and research that goes into the sport.  These are the things that intrigue me and many fans.  However, without NASCAR continuing to work with the rules, formats, and car technology there will be teams that have the resources to run away from the field. The sport will become boring and the fan base will continue to be reduced.

I believe the next rule to be implemented is one that will keep Cup drivers from racing in the Xfinity series.  Why?  See above.  I love racing but even I have been guilty of “fast forwarding” through Xfinity races this season.  Too little competition.

NASCAR, please keep working at it.  Work at putting rules and formats in place that keep us entertained and watching.  There will be people who say they don’t like the change.  That’s fine, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.  Just don’t stop.

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Relief Driver

Sometime this week, at least as I understand it, NASCAR will make a determination on what will happen should Ty Dillon win the cup race at Talladega this Sunday.  Ty, as I am sure you have heard by now, will relieve Tony Stewart in the 14 at the first caution.  It is my understanding that as it stands now that should that happen Tony will get the credit for the win making him eligible for the Chase if he finishes in the top 30.  I have some real problems with all of this.

First, I don’t think Tony should have received the waiver for not having started all of the races.  He hurt himself away from the track and while engaged in an activity that maybe he should not have been doing if he wanted to be responsible to his team, fans, and sponsors.  Second, is he cleared to race or not?  I say don’t get in the car at any track if you can’t be in the car at every track.  Lastly, and maybe most importantly, what kind of rule allows you to begin a race then have someone take over for you and you get the credit for how they did.  What???  Just take a minute to think about that should NASCAR allow it to happen.  We would have a driver in the chase who didn’t start all of the races, didn’t finish in the top 16, and unless he wins somewhere else never pulled into victory lane.   A lot of people don’t think NASCAR is a legitimate sport.  Please don’t give anyone more reason to think that.

Now I like to think I’m not dumb.  I know why Tony is receiving all these allowances and so do you.  This is Tony’s last year and NASCAR needs him.  The sport draws more attention when Tony is involved and more importantly they make more money when he is competing.  I get it but c’mon.  Please NASCAR, we can appreciate Tony for being one of the greatest racers of all time, a great champion, and a polarizing figure in the sport without making a mockery of the process to let him compete in the playoffs.


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So, here we go to the Super Speedway.  The place where “anything can happen”.  The home of “the big one”.  I like the racing there, it’s fun to watch the moving around and team/driver strategy.  I think that’s what I like most about NASCAR.  It offers something different each weekend. Even the 1.5’s aren’t all the same.

It’hard to bet against the Gibbs cars going into the race.  They are dominating all the racing.  However, after last week’s finish at Richmond could there be reluctance for Kyle to play nice with teammates?  I think so.  Kyle showed restraint after Carl pushed him out of the way but don’t count on that lasting long.

The HMS cars will, of course, be strong too!  Kasey has been running well and you can’t ever count JR out at the big track!  Jimmie will contend too.

I don’t see any of the other teams running well enough to win.   So who will it be?

Chase Elliot!  Yes, that’s right.  The young HMS driver will be up front all day and make a bold move, the kind 20 year olds make, in the tri oval to win the race.

Tomorrow I’ll give you my thoughts on the lug nut debate.

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The first race I saw in person was at Richmond.  It is my second favorite track after Martinsville.  I won’t be there this weekend but I wish that I was going to be, it is an awesome place to watch a race.

Guess who runs well at Richmond?  The usual suspects.  Thats right, with the exception of Clint Bowyer, who won the Fall 2012 race with MWR Richmond has been dominated by Penske, JGR, and SHR drivers.  Matt Kenseth won the last Richmond race in the Fall of 2015.

So will anyone new step in and win this weekend?  Lets look at that as a two part question. Will anyone from outside of the teams who have already won this year win?  No!  Will any new drivers inside those dominant teams win this weekend?  I don’t think that will happen either.  I know there has been a lot of talk about Matt Kenseth finally overcoming the “bad luck” and finding his way to victory lane.  There has also been some question about when the driver with the most wins last season, Joey Logano, will win.  They both may win at some point this season but it won’t be this weekend.  I think what happened between them last season has had more of an effect on both of them than they would like people to think.  Human performance at a high level is a fragile thing.  Confidence is huge, given the presumption they have the ability, and it has obviously taken both of them some time to regain the necessary confidence.

So who will win?  Denny Hamlin.  Denny won that first race I went to at Richmond.  He loves races at his home track and he is in the best equipment, at this point, in racing.  Denny will qualify well and lead a majority of the race.  Richmond lends itself to long green flag runs.  It won’t be a thriller.

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Bristol Recap

So I’m a little tired from patting myself on the back all morning.  Not only did I predict the end of Kyle’s win streak but I got the Edwards win correct!  I’m clearly a NASCAR genius.  Hopefully you realize I’m joking.  Take a look at my post from last week regarding Bristol.

All in all I thought it was an excellent race.  Lots of rubbing, passing, and good hard racing!  Everything I wanted.  Not a lot of lead changes but I don’t mind a dominant car.  Carl is a quality guy and is driving for what is, for now, the best team in NASCAR.  He is a gracious winner.

Kyle Busch however should be ashamed of himself.  Sorry you didn’t win again and sweep the weekend Kyle.  Thanks for showing the real you after the race too!  I don’t remember you saying anything sucked the last two weekends?  Bet there was no window down, hat signing on the way to the airport either.  I like it when Kyle wins because I like excellence!  I hate it when he loses because he acts like a child and it makes the sport look bad!

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I like the racing at Bristol!  In case you haven’t noticed I like all of the racing. I’ve heard and read a lot about the possibility of Kyle Busch sweeping a third consecutive weekend at Thunder Valley and whether or not it is likely to happen.

Of course it is likely to happen.  Kyle is a near lock to win on Saturday.  He is too good a driver in too good of equipment to not win.  A lot of other Cup guys will be racing too but let’s face facts. They won’t win because they aren’t in JGR stuff.

He has 5 career Cup wins at Bristol and the JGR Cup equipment is good, really goo, this year.  Unlike Xfinity, where he is basically battling his teammates for a win, he will be competing against 10-12 cars who have a chance to win.

So, will be sweep?  No, I don’t think so.  He’s dominant and he will be up front but I predict a wreck will take him out of contention early in the race.  Just too many variables at play in Bristol to allow for a 3rd consecutive Cup win.

However, the win won’t be far from home.  I’m predicting Carl Edwards will drive the #19 to Victory Sunday giving JGR it’s 4th win of the season and locking their 3rd car into the chase.

Let me know what you think.

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