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Ryan Ellis

I listen to Sirius/XM NASCAR Radio on and off most of the day.  Last week I heard something on Dave Moody’s “Speedway” show that really caught my attention.  Dave announced that NASCAR driver Ryan Ellis, who had just signed a multi-race deal with BK Racing, would be joining him after the break.  I stopped what I was doing and got ready to listen.  Let me tell you why.

Ryan Ellis is a local guy from right here in Northern Virginia.  He went to college and played Hockey just down the street from me at George Mason University.  He is someone who has worked very, very hard to be able to compete in NASCAR.  He began racing at the age of 4 when his Dad would wake him up and drive him 90 minutes to the Hagerstown, MD dirt track.  From there he progressed to Legends, Late Models, Jetta TDI Cup, and  Grand AM.

By 2012 he continued to drive in Grand AM and signed on to drive Superlite cars where he won the National Championship. About the same time Ryan began to get his shot in NASCAR in both the Truck series, driving the FDNY Truck and in Xfinity driving the 52 owned by Jimmy Means.  Ryan, because of his Sports Car racing success, was considered a road course specialist.  At all of these stops Ryan represented himself in the most professional manner which is easy for him because Ryan is a quality guy!  Have you ever met someone and within the first minute of speaking with them you just know they are a good person?  That’s Ryan Ellis.  The world has too few Ryan Ellis’, too few really nice, genuine people.

So I was very happy when I heard Ryan tell Dave Moody that he would be making his first of several starts in the #93 ScienceLogic Camry at Richmond International Raceway.  BK Racing is owned by Ron Devine, who  is also a local guy.  Mr. Devine has done a lot for local racing and had the courage to start his own Cup team before the Charter system.  He is the kind of man NASCAR will need in order to prosper as a sport.  Something that fans like us should be aware of.  This is another reason I will be pulling for Ryan to succeed at the Cup level.  To me Ryan, Mr. Devine, and BK Racing are a great story of hard work and perseverance.

So all of this is, and should be,  enough to make us root for Ryan to do well.  Still, for me, it’s not the main reason.  Let me tell you about that.

When one of my daughters was 7 years old I took her to a local Kart track.  She wanted to dive a Kart.  Before the track would allow children to drive they attended a mandatory two day Kids Racing school.  When we showed up early one Saturday morning my daughter was scared to death.  She was little, she was they youngest kid there, and she was the only girl. Fortunately for her and me Ryan Ellis, who would one day drive the #93 SciencLogic Camry for Ron Devine and BK Racing, was one of the class instructors.  Ryan took her under his wing that weekend and made sure she felt safe, helped her with her Kart, and showed her how to drive the track.  He gave her the attention she needed to do well and feel comfortable.  In short Ryan took care of my girl.   He didn’t do it because he had to, he did it because as I said earlier Ryan Ellis is a quality guy!

That is why I will always pull for Ryan Ellis.

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