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I like the racing at Bristol!  In case you haven’t noticed I like all of the racing. I’ve heard and read a lot about the possibility of Kyle Busch sweeping a third consecutive weekend at Thunder Valley and whether or not it is likely to happen.

Of course it is likely to happen.  Kyle is a near lock to win on Saturday.  He is too good a driver in too good of equipment to not win.  A lot of other Cup guys will be racing too but let’s face facts. They won’t win because they aren’t in JGR stuff.

He has 5 career Cup wins at Bristol and the JGR Cup equipment is good, really goo, this year.  Unlike Xfinity, where he is basically battling his teammates for a win, he will be competing against 10-12 cars who have a chance to win.

So, will be sweep?  No, I don’t think so.  He’s dominant and he will be up front but I predict a wreck will take him out of contention early in the race.  Just too many variables at play in Bristol to allow for a 3rd consecutive Cup win.

However, the win won’t be far from home.  I’m predicting Carl Edwards will drive the #19 to Victory Sunday giving JGR it’s 4th win of the season and locking their 3rd car into the chase.

Let me know what you think.

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