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Bristol Recap

So I’m a little tired from patting myself on the back all morning.  Not only did I predict the end of Kyle’s win streak but I got the Edwards win correct!  I’m clearly a NASCAR genius.  Hopefully you realize I’m joking.  Take a look at my post from last week regarding Bristol.

All in all I thought it was an excellent race.  Lots of rubbing, passing, and good hard racing!  Everything I wanted.  Not a lot of lead changes but I don’t mind a dominant car.  Carl is a quality guy and is driving for what is, for now, the best team in NASCAR.  He is a gracious winner.

Kyle Busch however should be ashamed of himself.  Sorry you didn’t win again and sweep the weekend Kyle.  Thanks for showing the real you after the race too!  I don’t remember you saying anything sucked the last two weekends?  Bet there was no window down, hat signing on the way to the airport either.  I like it when Kyle wins because I like excellence!  I hate it when he loses because he acts like a child and it makes the sport look bad!

Thanks for reading!


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