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I want to agree with the people who I heard this week who said what we saw at Talladega this past Sunday was ok.  I want to because some of them are well respected NASCAR drivers, owners, crew chiefs, and well informed media members.  I respect all of them. But I totally disagree.  It’s not ok for me to see human beings flying through the air in 4 thousand pound cars toward other humans.  It’s not ok for me to see drivers hit the safer barrier so hard they are nearly knocked out.

I am entertained and sometimes thrilled by what I see on the track.  The skill and the daring it takes to drive in this sport is amazing.  I know there is risk involved and that plays into, to some extent, the excitement.  However, I am not entertained by the crashes at Talladega.  They scare me and that’s not entertaining.  NASCAR has worked hard to make the sport safer and that is good for everyone involved.

Its time for the Sport to continue to evolve and make the racing better and safer.  My suggestion?  No more Super Speedway racing until they figure out how to keep the cars on the ground!  That’s right no more.  I’m willing to bet that NASCAR can do several things, slow the cars down for one, at speedways to keep them on the ground.  Until then, no more.  Put another race somewhere else.  How about another Road race or two?  That would be entertaining.  I wrote last week about changes and whether you like it or not changes, some of them big, need to keep happening to keep the sport popular and relevant.

I’m sure a lot of you wont agree, I’m fine with that.

Thanks for reading!!


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