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Attendance Does Not Matter

A really good race yesterday in Dover.  The early part was a sleeper with Harvick out in front in a league of his own.  Unfortunately for him his Pit Crew let him down on several occasions.

The big wreck, when Jimmie Johnson couldn’t get his car in gear on a restart, made things interesting.  Kyle Larson, Matt Kenseth, and Chase Elliot put on a really good, clean show with Matt coming out on top.

At one point during the race I saw the overhead image of the track and I knew immediately what people would be talking about this week, attendance.  There were a lot of empty seats at Dover.  Relax, it does not matter.

The economics of pro sports, including NASCAR, have changed.  It is not that important, maybe not important at all if people go and watch the events in person.  Why?  Because there a hundreds of media outlets who want to pay big money to broadcast sporting events especially major sporting events.  If you haven’t noticed everyone has a sports channel now.  Fox Sports One, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN 1 through 500, etc.  All of them need to have content so they can sell advertising space.  NASCAR is an incredibly popular sport and will always have a place on these many outlets.  That doesn’t even take into account the money they get for radio broadcast.  The money they get for the media rights now more than makes up for the lack of fans in the seats.  So please don’t worry.

Ever wonder why when you go to a baseball game they can charge you 10 bucks for a beer?  Because they can.  If people stopped paying that amount for the beer, and they won’t, they wouldn’t drop the prices, they would drop the beer.  The price you pay for a ticket at a sporting event, the parking, and the concessions are a small drop in the bucket that owners, leagues, and stadiums quite frankly probably would rather close to the public and save that overhead.

Pro Sports are making more money now than ever so don’t worry. Instead, lean back in your recliner, watch the race on your big HD TV.  Pause the race when you need to go to the kitchen, use the bathroom, run the kids to the neighbor.  Enjoy and quit worrying.


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