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Throwback, just not so far back

I, like apparently most of you, really liked the throwback theme at Darlington last year.  Those paint schemes, the uniforms, the special guest announcers were great.  This year promises to be even a bigger throwback.  More teams, including Dale Jr, will be participating.  A lot of the schemes for this year have already been revealed.  I don’t think they should do it again.  That’s right, they shouldn’t do it.  Once was really cool but twice won’t be.  NASCAR, as a sport, should be moving forward not looking back.  At least not twice.

We want the sport to grow, move forward, and attract more younger fans.  Let me assure you that young people are not interested in things from the 70’s.  They don’t think they are cool, they just think they are old.  I’m in my 50’s and I barely remember those things from 40 years ago and while, as I said earlier, I thought it was great I too want new things, things I haven’t already seen before.

The networks are starting to get things.  Who is in the booth and the studio now?  Recently retired drivers and crew chiefs.  The Xfinity series broadcast now features current cup drivers as guests.  CURRENT and RECENTLY, do you sense a theme.  Young people aren’t interested in hearing the commentators reference races from nearly half a century ago, and really neither am I.  We need to talk about last week not 1975,  Keep things fresh.

I love history and it has its place.  The new rise of American Speed is just awesome.  However, please, please stop showing me the Allison v Yarborough fight on the back stretch of Daytona from back in 1978.  Other sports don’t do that.  I have never seen the NFL show Red Grange over and over again in their promos.

It is hard to let go of the past, often because we remember it better than it really was.  However, I want the sport I love to continue to grow and to attract new fans.  I want the cars to look new and the technology to get better and better.  Lets keep looking ahead and not back too much.


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