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Top 5 after 12

As the Cup Series heads into All Star Weekend they have completed 12 of the scheduled 36 races, one third of the way through the season.  I thought this would be a good time to write about who I thought were the top 5 drivers at this point in the season.  So here we go.


5.  Matt Kenseth

OK, I know he got his first win of the season just this past weekend.  I am also aware that he may not have won then if it hadn’t been for the big wreck on the late re start.  However, he did win and he is in top notch equipment.  Look for Matt to win at least three more times this season.

4.  Carl Edwards

Sensing a trend here, another Toyota/Gibbs driver.  Carl has notched two wins and just like Matt he is in the best equipment in the series.  He will ride the momentum into the second third of the season and notch at least two more wins this season.

3.  Kevin Harvick

Sure only one win but he has 9 top 10’s and 5 top 5’s.  He has been the fastest Chevy in the field this year and the most consistent.  Look for Pit crew changes at SHR and then look for several more, maybe three, more wins this season.

2  Chase Elliot

I know, I know how can I put a rookie who hasn’t won yet at number 2.  Because he is just too cool to not win this season.  He is running with the big boys and not flinching. 8 Top 10’s and 4 top 5’s.  I’m going to make a big prediction here.  Chase Elliot will win the 600 on Memorial day weekend.

1   Kyle Busch

3 Wins and 9 top 5’s.  Lets face facts the current Sprint Cup Champion is probably the most talented driver in the series driving the best equipment in the series.  Makes him the easy choice for number 1.


This is NASCAR and how many times have we seen things in the garage turn around almost overnight?  It could happen tomorrow and some or all of these drivers may fall out of my top 5 by the end of the second third.  That’s one of the many reason I love NASCAR.


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