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Jim and Choc

When my career was winding down, I found myself behind a desk, I hated it.  I had spent a lifetime either working in the field, training others to work in the field, or supervising that training.  So when I found myself staring at a computer screen and going to meetings I wasn’t happy, not at all.  I counted the days until I was eligible to retire.  Trading Paint got me through it.

Thanks to Sirius/XM I was able to listen to NASCAR radio through most of the day.  I would listen to the Morning Drive with Pete and the Bagman in the morning.  In the afternoon and during the ride home it was Dave Moody.   However, it was Trading Paint that got me through the bulk of the day.  It’s the best show on radio.  When I first started listening it was Chocolate and Rick now its Choc and Jim.  I love their show.  I did then and I do now.

I think these two guys have a natural relationship that comes across over the air.  I also think, although it comes from two different perspectives and backgrounds, that they are two of the most insightful analysts of NASCAR in the business.  Jim Noble is a sharp guy who has unwavering opinions based on what he sees and what he has seen in the sport.  What I like most about Jim is he states that opinion sticks with it and will admit if he was wrong.  He also handles the fans that call in with great care, even when he doesn’t agree with them or when maybe they are not really deserving of that great care.

Chocolate is the best in the business, bar none.  He has the unique ability to reference his long history in the sport without being one of those guys who has become stuck or lost back there.  He is a progressive guy who frequently references “back in the day” but usually to show that it (the sport and the racing) is better now than it was then.  His greatest asset, in my opinion, is his rapport with people in the sport.  Everyone knows Chocolate and everyone will talk to him.  Not many people in any sport or walk of life who have the respect that Choc has in NASCAR.  He is, as far as I can tell, universally respected.

I also think they have the best guests every week.  I always look forward to Monday’s when  Earl Barben, the spotter for Jimmie Johnson, joins them.  I love Wednesday when Dr. Dick Berggren comes on.  Their interaction with guests and the valuable information they get from them is great.

These days the desk is becoming a distant memory.  I listen to Jim and Choc while I write and while I do yard work.  I still love listening to them and hope that they stay together for a long, long time.  Of course I would be remiss not to mention how much I miss Fridays with Buddy Baker.  The great man brought a great, great perspective to the show and his voice and kindness I miss very much.


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