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600 Prediction

This is the greatest weekend of the summer as far as I am concerned.  I am not a big F1 fan but I am an early riser.  I will be watching the Grand Prix of Monaco at 7:30 on Sunday morning.

I wasn’t a motorsports fan growing up but we always watched the Indianapolis 500.  It is an American institution and I won’t miss it this year.

Both of these races lead to one of NASCAR’s best events of the summer.  The Coca Cola 600.  The longest race of the summer.  Starts in the daylight and ends at night.  It is a true test of driver, crew chief, and equipment.  So who will win it this year?  Yesterday I wrote about Ford’s recent resurgence in the sport.  So will a Ford be in Victory Lane at the end of the race, no but they will be close.  Here is my top 5.

5.  Chase Elliot

4.  Carl Edwards

3.  Kyle Busch

2.  Joey Logano

1.  Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The sport’s most popular driver will get his first win of the season.  Hendrick Motorsports has been working hard this season to catch and keep up with JGR and this weekend will show they have done it.

Enjoy the racing.


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