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Pocono Prediction

Here we go to the Tricky Triangle.  Are you a little worried, after watching Martin Truex run away from the field last weekend, about what we may see this weekend in Pennsylvania?  Pocono does not often offer great racing and if there is the same kind of domination that we saw last week repeated it may be a very long afternoon.  Don’t worry we won’t.

So lets take a look at how things are likely to turn out.  First, is there a chance that we may have another first time 2016 winner?  Yes, but that list is very short.  The only drivers who have a shot to win who haven’t reached victory lane this year are Logano, and Kurt Busch.  Both drivers have been running well, have fast cars, and are ready to win.

Second, will Toyota continue their dominance?  Yes and no.  They will run strong and have several cars in the top ten (5) but they won’t be in Victory lane at the end of the race.  So who will?

Here are my top 5

5.  Martin Truex Jr.

4.  Denny Hamlin

3.  Brad Keselowski

2.  Kevin Harvick

1.  Jimmie Johnson

NASCAR continues to make adjustments to rules and setups to make sure there is parody, at least amongst the elite teams, and that nobody runs away and hides from the field.  Some recent adjustments to fans, intended to be used for cooling but may have been used to increase downforce, may have done just that.  Jimmie Johnson had the fastest car next to Truex last week.  Hendrick has been hard at work making Horse Power and Pocono is the ultimate Horse Power track with the longest straight aways on the circuit.  Toyotas will run fast but not fast enough for the power of the Hendrick Engines.  Chevy will run 1,2 this week.


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