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NASCAR is for Smart People

Every once in a while I hear something like this by a caller on Sirius/XM NASCAR radio in reference to a team that is not performing well.  “The Crew Chief needs to stop, pick up some donuts and coffee, and have a meeting to let the boys know they need to pull it together.”

NASCAR has, amongst its fans, a perception that it is still a grass roots racing endeavor.  If you think that you are wrong.  While NASCAR may not have the reputation for technology and engineering the Indy Car and F1 has it is just as technical.  When a 10th of a second means the difference between starting first or 30th, it comes down to technology and engineering.

Last night I watched on FS1’s Race Hub a piece about the race Simulator that Ford Performance has built in Concord, NC.  It is in a word, unbelievable.  No more testing in NASCAR, don’t worry about it.  Ford has built something there that eliminates the need for any team to travel in order to test at a track.  A Ford driver can climb in the simulator and be in Sonoma or Las Vegas or Martinsville.  I can only imagine what the cost was to build the simulator.  I can also imagine how smart the engineers who designed it have to be.  If they don’t already have one I am sure Toyota and Chevrolet will both have the same set up in North Carolina.  They will have to.  Staying up front in NASCAR is a race of its own.  This race isn’t on the track its at the shop where really smart people run data and put together nearly perfectly engineered race cars that go on the track every Sunday.

This is only one of the many reasons I love NASCAR.  It is also another reason why NASCAR  competition is not only what we see on the track.  Racing takes place in our sport 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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