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Low Down Force?

Let me preface this with letting you know that I have never watched a NASCAR race I didn’t enjoy.  I love NASCAR, especially Cup.

OK, so I think that NASCAR has been working  very hard to make the racing not better but more competitive.  They have don this, as we have heard over and over again, by taking downforce off the race cars and “putting more back in the driver’s hands”.  They have also gone to great lengths to convince us this is happening.

It is happening, some, but lets not get carried away.  Michigan is usually a pretty dull race. Cars get strung out and passing is difficult.  This past weeks race, with the smaller splitter and spoiler looked to me like a lot of other Michigan races I have seen.  Joey led a lot of laps, ran up front all day, and won going away.  Now, you will hear about how there was good racing back in the pace.  There was a lot of racing from 15th to 20th, etc.

Some of you may enjoy the race for 17th and 18th place, I don’t .  I don’t care about who runs 20th, even if it is one of the drivers I pull for.  I am interested in what is happening up front.  I am interested in who is going to win the race.  That is why I watch and truth be told that is why 99.9% of you watch as well.  We want to see who wins.  This is why they competed.

Instead of worrying about how to make it SO much better how about we enjoy what we have.

NASCAR and maybe more importantly Goodyear will keep working to make the racing more competitive.  They will, some,  but this will always be a have and have not sport.  The same cars/teams will run up front.  Depending on the tack the race may be a bit boring.  So what? Enjoy what you see, enjoy the strategy, enjoy the fact that the series is filled with great young race car drivers who we will be watching for the next 20 years.    Also, enjoy the fact that this year we may come close to having 16 winners and in the not too distant future I think we will have more than that every year.


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