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Off Week

OK, its official we can’t have another off week for Cup.  I can’t watch anymore Xfinity racing, none!  I tried to watch the race at Iowa yesterday, you know the one between Sam Hornish Jr and Daniel Suarez but I just couldn’t.  For the first time ever I turned off a NASCAR race before it ended.  I knew who was going to win.  Joe Gibbs racing.

I’ve listened to some people talk about how great the stand alone races are.  Really?  Really?  At least when we have cup teams in the races there is some hope it may be competitive and that someone outside of Toyota/Gibbs/KBM may win a race.  Did you catch the truck race?  William Byron won for the 3rd time this season in a KBM Toyota.

Lets get back to yesterday’s infinity race.  Sam Hornish Jr, a driver with very limited NASCAR success, got in the 18 and basically ran away from the field.  His only real competition came from Suarez.  There may have been more but Eric Jones had issues with his fuel cell.  I won’t watch anymore Xfinity races this season, not because I don’t want to but because I don’t like to watch sporting events if I already know who won.

There is a lot of talk about banning cup drivers from the lower series.  This is clearly not what is causing the poor racing.  What is?  Not the fact that Gibbs/Toyota/KBM are putting the money and time into building incredible Xfinity and Truck teams.  It’s the fact that other teams are not.  Ford and Chevy have clearly decided not to compete with Toyota at those levels and because of that this is the product on the track that we get to watch or not watch.

I am sure, because we have what seems like hundreds of Sports Networks now, that Xfinity and Truck racing will always make money for NASCAR regardless of the ratings.  Since that is where the money is made they really don’t care about how many people show up to watch in person.

I hope the other Manufacturers/Teams decide to step up their programs in the lower series but until they do I’m out and I can only imagine so are a lot of other people.


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