NASCAR, Sports

Fighting in Sports

Let me preface with what I am about to write with this:

I spent my entire adult working life preparing and training for violent confrontation.  I did this in order to protect people like you in situations where it would not have been possible for you to protect yourself.  I understand the need for violence in our society as a reaction to violence.

The fighting in sports has to end, it has to before someone gets seriously hurt or worse.  The fight this past Saturday in the Truck race has garnered a lot of attention inside the NASCAR world.  It wasn’t much of a fight but it could have been.  Throwing someone to the asphalt could have been serious.  What if one of the participants had landed on his head?  It is somewhat troubling to me how this and other fights in Sports are almost celebrated.

This embracing of violence in Sport, of course, is not limited to NASCAR.  How about the fact that it has long been accepted in baseball that the pitcher can throw a baseball at speeds over 90mph at a batter who is basically defenseless.  How about a hockey player who intentionally hits another player with his stick.  I have seen actual fights in every Professional American sport.  Fights where one person strikes another person with the intent of causing injury.  In my world we would refer to this as Assault and Battery.  It seems strange to me that because these violations of the law, which they are in every instance, are seen by participants, the legal system, and fans as acceptable because they take place inside athletic competition.

Let me ask you this.  Say you have a disagreement with a colleague at work today.  The argument becomes heated and he or she gets up comes over to your cubicle and punches you in the face.  What would happen.  I know what would have happened in my old profession, my career would have been over and I would have been facing criminal charges.

I hope soon that this violence is viewed for what it is and is eliminated from sport.  Arrest a participant and watch how fast it goes away.  I love sports but not the fighting.


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