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If I do anything next year it’s going to be going to Darlington for the Southern 500!

I wrote some time ago that we shouldn’t spend too much time living in NASCAR’s past.  I still think that.  I think for the sport to go forward it can’t look back too much.  However, seeing those paint schemes and hearing those stories on TV had to make you appreciative of the sport’s story.

I saw another throwback on the track that I think we have seen enough of.  Tony Stewart intentionally wrecked Brian Scott.  Why?  In my opinion because Tony Stewart is not a good competitor and he’s not good for the sport.  Because he’s a three time Champ and this is his last year and he gets a pass.  “That’s just Tony”   I’ve heard that several times just like when he wrecked Hamlin to get his Chase spot.  That was ok because it was Tony.

I realize there is a double standard in nearly everything in life, I get it but I don’t like it.  Tony’s antics are old and tired and so are the excuses people make for him!



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