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Bad Rule

Yesterday’s race winner, Martin Truex Jr., and Jimmie Johnson, who finished 12th both had cars that failed post race Laser Inspection.  It will be a day or two before penalties are announced.  However, we do know that the 78 penalty was not egregious enough to prevent the win from putting him through to the round of twelve.  For the 48 even a 10 point penalty could change their entire chase,  pushing him much further down in the standings and making moving to the next round much more difficult.

NASCAR has effectively implemented a rule that if broken, well a little, means nothing to the race winner and potentially everything to another finisher.  Just read that last sentence again.  I’m going to put it another way.  Cheat and win, no problem.  Cheat and finish 12th big problem.

No other way, in my opinion, to put it.  I really, really think the sanctioning body is over officiating the racing.  Just like in other sports we don’t want to see the officials decide the game.  It’s an easy fix.  Check the engine and tires after the race and let the PRE race inspection stand for everything else!!

Just my thoughts, yours?


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