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New Hampshire

I was fortunate to attend the Fall race at NHMS a few years ago.  It’s a great place to watch a race!  The only thing better than New England in the fall is NASCAR racing in New England in the Fall!

So who will win this Sunday?  Last weekend we saw the Hendrick cars make a comeback of sorts and show a lot of speed they hadn’t displayed recently.  We also saw the Penske Fords run really well, which is flying under the radar a bit with all of the post race contoversy.  Of course the 78 had the best car, the most speed and won the race keeping the Gibbs and Toyota dominance going.  Although the actual Gibbs cars were a bit off.

They won’t be off this weekend but they won’t win.  Team Penske won’t fly under the radar this weekend.  You can’t do that from victory lane.  With both cars long locked into the race they’ve been looking to the chase for quite a while and it pays off this weekend.  Here’s my top 5.

5. Jimmie Johnson

4. Denny Hamlin

3. Joey Logano

2. Matt Kenseth

1. Brad Keselowski

Thanks for reading!  Let me know your thoughts.

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Chase Time

So here we go, the chase is on.  8 Chevrolets, 5 Toyotas, and 3 Fords are set to battle it out for the next 10 weeks for the Sprint Cup title.

Notice I didn’t break it down by driver but instead by manufacturer.  Let me tell you why.  I believe that the title will come down to two manufacurers.  Chevrolet and Toyota will be throwing everything they have at the title.  Let me break it down a little further.  Chevrolet will be putting most of its support behind Jimmie Johnson, Chase Elliot, Jamie McMurray, and Kyle Larson.  Sorry Harvick and Kurt Busch, your teams move to Ford will prove to hurt you in the chase. You are leaving Chevy and Ford can’t help yet!

The Five Toyotas have been the class of the field this year with 11 of the 26 wins.  You can’t discount that! They have been dominant and there is no reason to believe they won’t continue to be strong in the chase.

Sonwhat will happen?  Here’s my prediction.  Jimmie Johnson will win this weekend at Chicago, close behind will be Kyle Larson in 2nd and Chase Elliot in 3rd.  Martin Truex will be the highest finishing Toyota in 5th.  NASCAR media will be going crazy.  Did they see the Chevy’s coming?  No, but now they will.

Just a guess!

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Did you notice who won the two All Star Race Showdown qualifiers this past Saturday?  Greg Biffle and Trevor Bayne.  Who won the All Star Race?  Joey Logano.  What do these three drivers have in common?  All three race Fords.

Ford is making a comeback, a strong comeback.  Team Penske has ben carrying the torch for the Blue Oval since making the switch after Dodge left the Series a few years back.  Joey and Brad have won multiple races and Joey may have been the Cup champion last year if he hadn’t had it taken away from him in Martinsville.

Roush Fenway, who at one time was the king of the 1.5 mile tracks, has disappeared over the last several years but now are making a comeback.  Now don’t get me wrong, they haven’t exactly been contending for wins but they are at least in the mix.  Stenhouse and Bayne are 18th and 19th in the standings and Biffle, while 24th, is running much better.

Lets not forget that Ryan Blaney is running a Ford for the Wood brothers this year as well and may be the most exciting Blue Oval driver, at least the best story, this year.  He is currently inside the chase grid at 15th giving Ford three drivers in the top 16.

Next year, as is well known by now, Stewart Haas Racing will make the move to Ford.  Harvick and Kurt Busch are locks every year for the chase and don’t be surprised to see Clint Bowyer right up there once he gets to SHR.  I think at least one RFR driver makes the chase this season and probably two next season.  So what does all of this mean.  If my math is correct there will be maybe 4 Ford chase drivers this season and next season there could be as many as 7!

This is a huge turn around for the Ford Motor Company.  Ford has clearly made a concentrated effort to strengthen their spot in the sport.  RFR’s stronger showing, I would have to bet, is directly linked to more support from the manufacturer.  Look no further than the fact that they acquired SHR to know they mean business.

I love it and you should too.  Chevy has dominated the sport for years and now with Toyota and Ford stepping up their game it will mean better racing and competition.

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Sell Everyday Race on Sunday

When I was a kid, a long time ago, and it was time for our family to buy a new car we went to the dealership and bought one.  I don’t mean that we shopped around and bought one I mean we went to THE dealership and bought one.  There was only one place we would go, in our case it was a Chevrolet dealership where we always bought our cars.  I am sure my family had been buying Chevy’s for years.  It was the only make my grandparents ever had too.

When I graduated from college and got my first job my, friend’s parents were nice enough to let me stay with them until I got set up.  When I showed up at their home they wanted to show me something in their garage.  They had a new car, a Toyota Camry.  A what!  I clearly remember my friend’s dad going on and on about how great, and reliable, the car was.  It was the first time I even considered that someone might own something other than an American automobile.

Thirty years later it is clear that the American made car is no longer thought of the same way that it was.  It is also clear that Toyota has used their popularity among the masses to begin to dominate NASCAR.  Chevrolet has won the past 13 NASCAR manufacturer championships.  It is beginning to look as though that streak may be snapped.  Here is my take on how it happened.

Toyota consistently out sells other makes of automobiles in the United States.  In 2015 the Corolla was #2 selling over 306,000 and the Camry was #1 with over 361,000.  The highest selling Ford was the Fusion at #6 (255,000) and the the Focus was #9 (180,000).  The highest Chevrolet was the Cruz #8 (193,000).  Toyota is riding its popularity amongst US consumers right into the NASCAR.  Its great for the sport because the money they are pouring in has made the racing better and more competitive.  It wasn’t long ago that they were the third make and were struggling to compete.  Not anymore.  Chevy has let a team get away and Ford seems to be making a run to become relevant again in the Cup Series.  If Chevy isn’t careful they will go from the top to the bottom in a hurry.

I am really hoping that Chevy does something in the off season to infuse more money into the sport, maybe bolster one of the teams that already represent their brand.  Do something to combat the loss of SHR and the onslaught from Toyota.  Why?  Because I am a Chevy guy.  I also think they should go back to racing a car that we at least occasionally see on the road.  Has anyone ever even seen an SS?

Look, this has nothing to do with American v Foreign manufacturers it has everything to do with those trips to the Chevy dealership I referenced in my opening paragraph.  Chevy means something to me because it reminds me of when I was young and of all the cars I have owned since then.  Not too many things remain consistent in our lives right?

Thanks for reading!!