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Harvick did it again last week.  Down in points and faced with possible elimination the weekend at Dover he pulled off a victory in New Hampshire and locked a spot in the next round.  His Chevy has been fast all year and he pushes his team hard.  A win was not really a surprise.

So what will happen at Dover.  One thing I can say with certainty is that the Gibbs Toyotas will be fast.  I know I really went out on a limb there but it had to be said.  The 48 has been dominant at Dover over the years and the 24 is running fast.  Don’t be surprised to see the 4 running up front again this weekend.  The tail end of the chase drivers are likely to remain back there.  There is a reason why they barely got in the chase, they are a little off from the Toyotas of Gibbs and the Chevys of Hendrick and SHR.  As I said last week the Fords of Penske are almost sneaky fast although I don’t see them winning this weekend at Dover.

OK so here are my predictions for this weekend at Dover

5  Chase Elliot

4  Kyle Busch

3  Kevin Harvick

2  Jimmie Johnson

1  Matt Kenseth

Yep, another Toyota in Victory lane.  This time its the 20 who in addition to having a very fast race car every weekend has the advantage of being able to pretty much do what he wants on the race track.

Just a guess, lets see what happens.




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New Hampshire

I was fortunate to attend the Fall race at NHMS a few years ago.  It’s a great place to watch a race!  The only thing better than New England in the fall is NASCAR racing in New England in the Fall!

So who will win this Sunday?  Last weekend we saw the Hendrick cars make a comeback of sorts and show a lot of speed they hadn’t displayed recently.  We also saw the Penske Fords run really well, which is flying under the radar a bit with all of the post race contoversy.  Of course the 78 had the best car, the most speed and won the race keeping the Gibbs and Toyota dominance going.  Although the actual Gibbs cars were a bit off.

They won’t be off this weekend but they won’t win.  Team Penske won’t fly under the radar this weekend.  You can’t do that from victory lane.  With both cars long locked into the race they’ve been looking to the chase for quite a while and it pays off this weekend.  Here’s my top 5.

5. Jimmie Johnson

4. Denny Hamlin

3. Joey Logano

2. Matt Kenseth

1. Brad Keselowski

Thanks for reading!  Let me know your thoughts.

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Chase Time

So here we go, the chase is on.  8 Chevrolets, 5 Toyotas, and 3 Fords are set to battle it out for the next 10 weeks for the Sprint Cup title.

Notice I didn’t break it down by driver but instead by manufacturer.  Let me tell you why.  I believe that the title will come down to two manufacurers.  Chevrolet and Toyota will be throwing everything they have at the title.  Let me break it down a little further.  Chevrolet will be putting most of its support behind Jimmie Johnson, Chase Elliot, Jamie McMurray, and Kyle Larson.  Sorry Harvick and Kurt Busch, your teams move to Ford will prove to hurt you in the chase. You are leaving Chevy and Ford can’t help yet!

The Five Toyotas have been the class of the field this year with 11 of the 26 wins.  You can’t discount that! They have been dominant and there is no reason to believe they won’t continue to be strong in the chase.

Sonwhat will happen?  Here’s my prediction.  Jimmie Johnson will win this weekend at Chicago, close behind will be Kyle Larson in 2nd and Chase Elliot in 3rd.  Martin Truex will be the highest finishing Toyota in 5th.  NASCAR media will be going crazy.  Did they see the Chevy’s coming?  No, but now they will.

Just a guess!

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Pocono Prediction

Here we go to the Tricky Triangle.  Are you a little worried, after watching Martin Truex run away from the field last weekend, about what we may see this weekend in Pennsylvania?  Pocono does not often offer great racing and if there is the same kind of domination that we saw last week repeated it may be a very long afternoon.  Don’t worry we won’t.

So lets take a look at how things are likely to turn out.  First, is there a chance that we may have another first time 2016 winner?  Yes, but that list is very short.  The only drivers who have a shot to win who haven’t reached victory lane this year are Logano, and Kurt Busch.  Both drivers have been running well, have fast cars, and are ready to win.

Second, will Toyota continue their dominance?  Yes and no.  They will run strong and have several cars in the top ten (5) but they won’t be in Victory lane at the end of the race.  So who will?

Here are my top 5

5.  Martin Truex Jr.

4.  Denny Hamlin

3.  Brad Keselowski

2.  Kevin Harvick

1.  Jimmie Johnson

NASCAR continues to make adjustments to rules and setups to make sure there is parody, at least amongst the elite teams, and that nobody runs away and hides from the field.  Some recent adjustments to fans, intended to be used for cooling but may have been used to increase downforce, may have done just that.  Jimmie Johnson had the fastest car next to Truex last week.  Hendrick has been hard at work making Horse Power and Pocono is the ultimate Horse Power track with the longest straight aways on the circuit.  Toyotas will run fast but not fast enough for the power of the Hendrick Engines.  Chevy will run 1,2 this week.

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So, here we go to the Super Speedway.  The place where “anything can happen”.  The home of “the big one”.  I like the racing there, it’s fun to watch the moving around and team/driver strategy.  I think that’s what I like most about NASCAR.  It offers something different each weekend. Even the 1.5’s aren’t all the same.

It’hard to bet against the Gibbs cars going into the race.  They are dominating all the racing.  However, after last week’s finish at Richmond could there be reluctance for Kyle to play nice with teammates?  I think so.  Kyle showed restraint after Carl pushed him out of the way but don’t count on that lasting long.

The HMS cars will, of course, be strong too!  Kasey has been running well and you can’t ever count JR out at the big track!  Jimmie will contend too.

I don’t see any of the other teams running well enough to win.   So who will it be?

Chase Elliot!  Yes, that’s right.  The young HMS driver will be up front all day and make a bold move, the kind 20 year olds make, in the tri oval to win the race.

Tomorrow I’ll give you my thoughts on the lug nut debate.

Thanks for reading!

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The first race I saw in person was at Richmond.  It is my second favorite track after Martinsville.  I won’t be there this weekend but I wish that I was going to be, it is an awesome place to watch a race.

Guess who runs well at Richmond?  The usual suspects.  Thats right, with the exception of Clint Bowyer, who won the Fall 2012 race with MWR Richmond has been dominated by Penske, JGR, and SHR drivers.  Matt Kenseth won the last Richmond race in the Fall of 2015.

So will anyone new step in and win this weekend?  Lets look at that as a two part question. Will anyone from outside of the teams who have already won this year win?  No!  Will any new drivers inside those dominant teams win this weekend?  I don’t think that will happen either.  I know there has been a lot of talk about Matt Kenseth finally overcoming the “bad luck” and finding his way to victory lane.  There has also been some question about when the driver with the most wins last season, Joey Logano, will win.  They both may win at some point this season but it won’t be this weekend.  I think what happened between them last season has had more of an effect on both of them than they would like people to think.  Human performance at a high level is a fragile thing.  Confidence is huge, given the presumption they have the ability, and it has obviously taken both of them some time to regain the necessary confidence.

So who will win?  Denny Hamlin.  Denny won that first race I went to at Richmond.  He loves races at his home track and he is in the best equipment, at this point, in racing.  Denny will qualify well and lead a majority of the race.  Richmond lends itself to long green flag runs.  It won’t be a thriller.

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Bristol Recap

So I’m a little tired from patting myself on the back all morning.  Not only did I predict the end of Kyle’s win streak but I got the Edwards win correct!  I’m clearly a NASCAR genius.  Hopefully you realize I’m joking.  Take a look at my post from last week regarding Bristol.

All in all I thought it was an excellent race.  Lots of rubbing, passing, and good hard racing!  Everything I wanted.  Not a lot of lead changes but I don’t mind a dominant car.  Carl is a quality guy and is driving for what is, for now, the best team in NASCAR.  He is a gracious winner.

Kyle Busch however should be ashamed of himself.  Sorry you didn’t win again and sweep the weekend Kyle.  Thanks for showing the real you after the race too!  I don’t remember you saying anything sucked the last two weekends?  Bet there was no window down, hat signing on the way to the airport either.  I like it when Kyle wins because I like excellence!  I hate it when he loses because he acts like a child and it makes the sport look bad!

Thanks for reading!