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Team Penske

I thought the race in Daytona was pretty good.  It went by very quickly and there wasn’t really much doubt about who was going to win.  Not a lot of drama at the end.  That’s ok, it was still good racing with great teams.

I am liking Team Penske more and more.  I think there are fewer and fear teams in Cup who want to win every race and yes who try as hard as they can all of the time.  Earlier this year I wrote an article about drivers needing two or three wins to automatically qualify for the chase.  I still think that is a good idea and apparently Brad and Joey think that is already the rule.

They both race hard, which after all is the point, for every position on the track.  They also don’t ever say they had a, fill in the blank, place car and that was where they finished.  They continue to race fro the next place and the win from the green to the checkered.  Again, that is what they are supposed to do.

I realize that this is not very popular with the other drivers in the garage.  Apparently most of them have become complacent, happy to finish where they finish and go home to one of their mansions with their money.  I don’t particularly like that and I bet you don’t either if you take some time to think about it.  Hey, I don’t begrudge them a bit for their success but lets go, right?!

Joey and Brad aren’t at the track to make friends, they are there to win.  I’m betting this mindset comes directly from Mr. Penske himself.  You don’t become that successful in life without having drive and focus and always, always trying to win.

I will be pulling for the 2 and 22 more and more.  I like competition in my competition.

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Martinsville Recap

Well, I wasn’t even close!  I was feeling pretty good on Friday after my pick, Joey Logano, won the pole.  That feeling didn’t last long after they dropped the green.

I was actually a little worried about my pick after the Truck race when Kyle dominated on the same tire compound Cup used yesterday.  Apparently that worry was well placed because Kyle completely dominated the race yesterday.  Leading 352 laps!  Wow!  I thought I was watching an Infinity race for a while.

Not my favorite Martinsville race ever but I was happy to see AJ finish 2nd.  New drivers being relevant is always good for the sport.  I look for him to win a race this year and Austin Dillon too. Two new winners would be great!  Denny and Jimmie had sub par runs, especially Denny who killed himself with mistakes.

Tomorrow I am going to write about a young man, Ryan Ellis, getting a shot with BK Racing.  He is a good story!!

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