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Kurt Busch Speaks His Mind

Yesterday we found out  Kurt Busch has signed a Multi Year contract extension with Stewart Haas Racing.  Of course that was the official announcement.  News of the deal had actually been swirling around for weeks.  I read the reports of the deal on various news sources and listened live to the News Conference on the radio.  As I did something crossed my mind.

Kurt Busch has finally learned to speak his mind.

This may sound strange to you because as we know Kurt has been saying things that would lead you to believe this has been the case for a very long time.  He has been famous or infamous for saying things that have gotten him into a lot of trouble.  He seemed to enjoy being this way right?  After all wasn’t he the “Outlaw”.  He even had a show on the SPEED Channel announcing him as such.  I remember watching that, what I could of it, and thinking that it wasn’t the best idea.

In 2011 while driving for Team Penske his outburst directed toward Dr. Jerry Punch was recorded on camera.  Shortly after he and Penske “agreed to part ways.”  This set Kurt on a four year journey during which he was an unsponsored driver.  From Phoenix Racing to Furniture Row to Stewart Haas.  All of these owners had two things in common.  They understood the incredible talent Kurt would bring to their cars and they sponsored the car themselves meaning they wouldn’t have to sell the “Outlaw” to sponsors.

Now, I really believe that prior to 2011 Kurt did and said things that we would all at times like to say.  He really said what he thought without filter.  I also really believe that about that time Kurt realized that he would need to “learn” to speak his mind.  Thats right, he learned it.  Now he says the things that we think he ought to say which they probably are.  The truth is you can’t say the things that Kurt said to Jerry Punch, even if that is how you feel, without repercussions. The world just doesn’t work that way, especially not for someone in the public eye and who has given people reason to dislike them in the past.

I am glad Kurt has a sponsor.  Monster Energy seems to be a good match.  I am glad he will be driving for the next several years for Stewart Haas.  I think NASCAR is a better series when he is in it, he is a great driver.  However, there is part of me that misses the old Kurt, the one who hadn’t learned to speak his mind.  I don’t want to hear him berate his crew chief although I think Tony Gibson has taken care of that.  I do want to hear someone say what they really think, the emotion of what is on their minds.  I guess we will have to settle for Kurt speaking his mind.