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I was disappointed that both Gnassi cars were eliminated at Dover, especially the way they went out.  I’m a bow tie fan all the way and I like Larson and McMurray. I am glad to see them showing more speed and hopefully next year will see even better things from that team.

So on to the round of 12 and Charlotte.  Is there any reason to believe that Toyota, led by the 78, isn’t the favorite to win? Some people are saying the JGR cars are a little off but it may be very little.  Truex stunk up the 600.  Jimmie has been showing a lot of speed and so has Chase Elliot.  Neither of them will win however.  It also seems the Penske Ford’s are a bit off since the rule change.

I believe there will be a big surprise this weekend!!  Here’s my top 5.

5  Carl Edwards

4  Jimmie Jonson

3  Chase Elliot

2  Kyle Busc

1  Austin Dillon

Thats right!  Get ready to see the 3 and Austin Dillon in Victory Lane. RCR and Slugger aren’t afraid to push the set ups as far as possible now that there isn’t  a P2 or P3 for the LIS.  Austin was fast last week and will be faster this week!!

Let me know what you think.


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New Hampshire

I was fortunate to attend the Fall race at NHMS a few years ago.  It’s a great place to watch a race!  The only thing better than New England in the fall is NASCAR racing in New England in the Fall!

So who will win this Sunday?  Last weekend we saw the Hendrick cars make a comeback of sorts and show a lot of speed they hadn’t displayed recently.  We also saw the Penske Fords run really well, which is flying under the radar a bit with all of the post race contoversy.  Of course the 78 had the best car, the most speed and won the race keeping the Gibbs and Toyota dominance going.  Although the actual Gibbs cars were a bit off.

They won’t be off this weekend but they won’t win.  Team Penske won’t fly under the radar this weekend.  You can’t do that from victory lane.  With both cars long locked into the race they’ve been looking to the chase for quite a while and it pays off this weekend.  Here’s my top 5.

5. Jimmie Johnson

4. Denny Hamlin

3. Joey Logano

2. Matt Kenseth

1. Brad Keselowski

Thanks for reading!  Let me know your thoughts.

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Danica to Hendrick

No race this weekend.   It is Thursday and normally we would be discussing the upcoming race weekend but without that I decided to do some “research” and give you my opinion on some things I see coming down the line in Sprint Cup.

I read that F1’s Kimi Raikonen is considering, again, a move to NASCAR Sprint Cup for the 2017 season.  Looks like he may be losing his seat with the F1 Ferrari team.  If you remember he raced a Truck and an Xfinity car back in 2011.  Rumor has it that should Kimi come to NASCAR the most likely landing place for him would be with Stewart Haas Racing.  This is interesting because next year Clint Bowyer will be taking over the 14 car from Tony Stewart.  All four cars would be spoken for leaving no room at the inn for Kimi.

But wait, just wait, I have a theory of what is going to happen.  You may be thinking that Kevin Harvick will leave.  After all he is already rumored to be making a jump due to the SHR move from Chevy to Ford next year.  That won’t happen.  Harvick is in the best equipment he has ever raced at SHR and even with a manufacturer change away from the brand he has raced his entire Cup career he won’t leave.  So who would go to make room for Kimi.  Danica Patrick!  That’s right and guess where she is going?  Hendrick Motorsports.  Even better she will be taking over the 5 car from the underperforming Kasey  Kahne, the same driver who hook her right rear fender and put her in the outside wall this past weekend at Fontana.

Those of you who are well informed will probably be saying something like, no way.  Both Patrick and Kahne are signed with their current teams through 2018!  So what?  Are you unfamiliar with Rick Hendrick?

Danica Patrick is a good race car driver, a very good race car driver.  She is also a marketing machine.  She has had a connection to HMS since coming to NASCAR.  Mr. Hendrick will make it work, he won’t let her get away.  Kasey isn’t getting it done behind the wheel and he doesn’t have the power to make money while he doesn’t win, it will soon be time for him to go.

Danica will be behind the wheel of the 5 in 2017.  She will also be in victory lane.

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Talladega Top Ten

So here we go, the much anticipated Talladega elimination race.  After Sunday we will have only 8 drivers remaining who can win the Sprint Cup Championship.  A couple Fan favorites, JR and Kenseth pretty much need to win to move on.

Here is an interesting fact.  The Talladega Chase Race, since 2004, has been won by chasers only 6 of 11 times.  So there is a good chance a driver outside the chase can win it, but they won’t.

This is only the 2nd year of this Chase format and last year Brad Keselowski won, he had to, and moved on.  I’m predicting a similar situation Sunday.  However I’m also predicting some major disappointment.

So here we go:

10 Kurt Bush

Kurt has been Mr Steady and that won’t change Sunday.  He doesn’t need to win and so won’t put himself in a position to wreck trying to at the end of the race.

9 Kevin Harvick

Kevin will be spending the last few laps with Kurt.  He moves in from this position.

8 Austin Dillon

Have you noticed the RCR cars have been getting faster?  Austin is good at plate tracks.  Look for him to keep the 3 up front most of the day spoiling some chase hopes.

7 Denny Hamlin

Denny will work with a Teammate to help him get a win but in the end this is as close to the front as he will get.

6 Matt Kenseth

Sorry Matt, Denny gave it a shot, you had fast cars but just not fast enough.

5 Jeff Gordon

Jeff isn’t ready to quit just yet.  He won’t have the fastest car all day but Hendrick power will be strong.

4 Joey Logano

The winner of the last two races helps make sure his teammate gets to the round of 8.  Penske cars will be a factor through Homestead.

3 Brad Keselowski

He and Joey will stay up front all day.  Joey will help again this year.  It won’t be a win but it will be enough.

2 Jimmie Johnson

Remember 2011?  He doesn’t owe him one anymore.

1 Dale Earnhardt Jr

Nobody drives Dega like Jr.  He will be in 4th coming into the Tri Oval.  Jimmie finds him and pushes him past the 2 and 22.  Jr Stays alive.

Hard luck in the chase will continue for Kyle Bush and Carl Edwards. They get turned around late in the race when Carl tries to push Kyle on a restart and stacks up the field.  Hamlin is lone remaining JGR car.

Ryan Newman’s engine blows up early in the race.

Gordon, Jr, Hamlin, Harvick, Kurt Bush, Brad, Joey all move on as does Truex Jr who finishes 12th.

Thanks for your time.  We will see how close I am on Monday