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Bad Rule

Yesterday’s race winner, Martin Truex Jr., and Jimmie Johnson, who finished 12th both had cars that failed post race Laser Inspection.  It will be a day or two before penalties are announced.  However, we do know that the 78 penalty was not egregious enough to prevent the win from putting him through to the round of twelve.  For the 48 even a 10 point penalty could change their entire chase,  pushing him much further down in the standings and making moving to the next round much more difficult.

NASCAR has effectively implemented a rule that if broken, well a little, means nothing to the race winner and potentially everything to another finisher.  Just read that last sentence again.  I’m going to put it another way.  Cheat and win, no problem.  Cheat and finish 12th big problem.

No other way, in my opinion, to put it.  I really, really think the sanctioning body is over officiating the racing.  Just like in other sports we don’t want to see the officials decide the game.  It’s an easy fix.  Check the engine and tires after the race and let the PRE race inspection stand for everything else!!

Just my thoughts, yours?

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Chase Time

So here we go, the chase is on.  8 Chevrolets, 5 Toyotas, and 3 Fords are set to battle it out for the next 10 weeks for the Sprint Cup title.

Notice I didn’t break it down by driver but instead by manufacturer.  Let me tell you why.  I believe that the title will come down to two manufacurers.  Chevrolet and Toyota will be throwing everything they have at the title.  Let me break it down a little further.  Chevrolet will be putting most of its support behind Jimmie Johnson, Chase Elliot, Jamie McMurray, and Kyle Larson.  Sorry Harvick and Kurt Busch, your teams move to Ford will prove to hurt you in the chase. You are leaving Chevy and Ford can’t help yet!

The Five Toyotas have been the class of the field this year with 11 of the 26 wins.  You can’t discount that! They have been dominant and there is no reason to believe they won’t continue to be strong in the chase.

Sonwhat will happen?  Here’s my prediction.  Jimmie Johnson will win this weekend at Chicago, close behind will be Kyle Larson in 2nd and Chase Elliot in 3rd.  Martin Truex will be the highest finishing Toyota in 5th.  NASCAR media will be going crazy.  Did they see the Chevy’s coming?  No, but now they will.

Just a guess!

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If I do anything next year it’s going to be going to Darlington for the Southern 500!

I wrote some time ago that we shouldn’t spend too much time living in NASCAR’s past.  I still think that.  I think for the sport to go forward it can’t look back too much.  However, seeing those paint schemes and hearing those stories on TV had to make you appreciative of the sport’s story.

I saw another throwback on the track that I think we have seen enough of.  Tony Stewart intentionally wrecked Brian Scott.  Why?  In my opinion because Tony Stewart is not a good competitor and he’s not good for the sport.  Because he’s a three time Champ and this is his last year and he gets a pass.  “That’s just Tony”   I’ve heard that several times just like when he wrecked Hamlin to get his Chase spot.  That was ok because it was Tony.

I realize there is a double standard in nearly everything in life, I get it but I don’t like it.  Tony’s antics are old and tired and so are the excuses people make for him!


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Team Penske

I thought the race in Daytona was pretty good.  It went by very quickly and there wasn’t really much doubt about who was going to win.  Not a lot of drama at the end.  That’s ok, it was still good racing with great teams.

I am liking Team Penske more and more.  I think there are fewer and fear teams in Cup who want to win every race and yes who try as hard as they can all of the time.  Earlier this year I wrote an article about drivers needing two or three wins to automatically qualify for the chase.  I still think that is a good idea and apparently Brad and Joey think that is already the rule.

They both race hard, which after all is the point, for every position on the track.  They also don’t ever say they had a, fill in the blank, place car and that was where they finished.  They continue to race fro the next place and the win from the green to the checkered.  Again, that is what they are supposed to do.

I realize that this is not very popular with the other drivers in the garage.  Apparently most of them have become complacent, happy to finish where they finish and go home to one of their mansions with their money.  I don’t particularly like that and I bet you don’t either if you take some time to think about it.  Hey, I don’t begrudge them a bit for their success but lets go, right?!

Joey and Brad aren’t at the track to make friends, they are there to win.  I’m betting this mindset comes directly from Mr. Penske himself.  You don’t become that successful in life without having drive and focus and always, always trying to win.

I will be pulling for the 2 and 22 more and more.  I like competition in my competition.

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Fighting in Sports

Let me preface with what I am about to write with this:

I spent my entire adult working life preparing and training for violent confrontation.  I did this in order to protect people like you in situations where it would not have been possible for you to protect yourself.  I understand the need for violence in our society as a reaction to violence.

The fighting in sports has to end, it has to before someone gets seriously hurt or worse.  The fight this past Saturday in the Truck race has garnered a lot of attention inside the NASCAR world.  It wasn’t much of a fight but it could have been.  Throwing someone to the asphalt could have been serious.  What if one of the participants had landed on his head?  It is somewhat troubling to me how this and other fights in Sports are almost celebrated.

This embracing of violence in Sport, of course, is not limited to NASCAR.  How about the fact that it has long been accepted in baseball that the pitcher can throw a baseball at speeds over 90mph at a batter who is basically defenseless.  How about a hockey player who intentionally hits another player with his stick.  I have seen actual fights in every Professional American sport.  Fights where one person strikes another person with the intent of causing injury.  In my world we would refer to this as Assault and Battery.  It seems strange to me that because these violations of the law, which they are in every instance, are seen by participants, the legal system, and fans as acceptable because they take place inside athletic competition.

Let me ask you this.  Say you have a disagreement with a colleague at work today.  The argument becomes heated and he or she gets up comes over to your cubicle and punches you in the face.  What would happen.  I know what would have happened in my old profession, my career would have been over and I would have been facing criminal charges.

I hope soon that this violence is viewed for what it is and is eliminated from sport.  Arrest a participant and watch how fast it goes away.  I love sports but not the fighting.

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Left and Right

Aside from Martinsville my favorite racing is at the Sonoma and Watkins Glen!  I can’t even tell you why for sure but I can tell you I love it.  I would like to see one more Road race in Cup and that would be at Road America.  I love it when the Xfinity cars run there and think the Cup guys would put on a great show there as well.

Some day I will make it out to Sonoma to see a race but it won’t be this year.  I will be watching on TV when the following drivers finish in the top 5.


5  Kyle Bussh

4 Kurt Bush

3 Martin Truex Jr

2 Jimmie Johnson

1 Dale Earnhardt Jr


Thats right Jr Nation.  The man who was very vocal only a few short years ago about his dislike for road racing will pull in to Victory Lane for the first time ever at a road course and for the first time this year.  Jr. will, as always, will show up with a good car this weekend.  Unlike most weeks this year he will qualify up front, on the pole, and use that position to run up front most of the day.

Enjoy the wine Jr. and Jr. Nation.

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Off Week

OK, its official we can’t have another off week for Cup.  I can’t watch anymore Xfinity racing, none!  I tried to watch the race at Iowa yesterday, you know the one between Sam Hornish Jr and Daniel Suarez but I just couldn’t.  For the first time ever I turned off a NASCAR race before it ended.  I knew who was going to win.  Joe Gibbs racing.

I’ve listened to some people talk about how great the stand alone races are.  Really?  Really?  At least when we have cup teams in the races there is some hope it may be competitive and that someone outside of Toyota/Gibbs/KBM may win a race.  Did you catch the truck race?  William Byron won for the 3rd time this season in a KBM Toyota.

Lets get back to yesterday’s infinity race.  Sam Hornish Jr, a driver with very limited NASCAR success, got in the 18 and basically ran away from the field.  His only real competition came from Suarez.  There may have been more but Eric Jones had issues with his fuel cell.  I won’t watch anymore Xfinity races this season, not because I don’t want to but because I don’t like to watch sporting events if I already know who won.

There is a lot of talk about banning cup drivers from the lower series.  This is clearly not what is causing the poor racing.  What is?  Not the fact that Gibbs/Toyota/KBM are putting the money and time into building incredible Xfinity and Truck teams.  It’s the fact that other teams are not.  Ford and Chevy have clearly decided not to compete with Toyota at those levels and because of that this is the product on the track that we get to watch or not watch.

I am sure, because we have what seems like hundreds of Sports Networks now, that Xfinity and Truck racing will always make money for NASCAR regardless of the ratings.  Since that is where the money is made they really don’t care about how many people show up to watch in person.

I hope the other Manufacturers/Teams decide to step up their programs in the lower series but until they do I’m out and I can only imagine so are a lot of other people.