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Harvick did it again last week.  Down in points and faced with possible elimination the weekend at Dover he pulled off a victory in New Hampshire and locked a spot in the next round.  His Chevy has been fast all year and he pushes his team hard.  A win was not really a surprise.

So what will happen at Dover.  One thing I can say with certainty is that the Gibbs Toyotas will be fast.  I know I really went out on a limb there but it had to be said.  The 48 has been dominant at Dover over the years and the 24 is running fast.  Don’t be surprised to see the 4 running up front again this weekend.  The tail end of the chase drivers are likely to remain back there.  There is a reason why they barely got in the chase, they are a little off from the Toyotas of Gibbs and the Chevys of Hendrick and SHR.  As I said last week the Fords of Penske are almost sneaky fast although I don’t see them winning this weekend at Dover.

OK so here are my predictions for this weekend at Dover

5  Chase Elliot

4  Kyle Busch

3  Kevin Harvick

2  Jimmie Johnson

1  Matt Kenseth

Yep, another Toyota in Victory lane.  This time its the 20 who in addition to having a very fast race car every weekend has the advantage of being able to pretty much do what he wants on the race track.

Just a guess, lets see what happens.




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Team Penske

I thought the race in Daytona was pretty good.  It went by very quickly and there wasn’t really much doubt about who was going to win.  Not a lot of drama at the end.  That’s ok, it was still good racing with great teams.

I am liking Team Penske more and more.  I think there are fewer and fear teams in Cup who want to win every race and yes who try as hard as they can all of the time.  Earlier this year I wrote an article about drivers needing two or three wins to automatically qualify for the chase.  I still think that is a good idea and apparently Brad and Joey think that is already the rule.

They both race hard, which after all is the point, for every position on the track.  They also don’t ever say they had a, fill in the blank, place car and that was where they finished.  They continue to race fro the next place and the win from the green to the checkered.  Again, that is what they are supposed to do.

I realize that this is not very popular with the other drivers in the garage.  Apparently most of them have become complacent, happy to finish where they finish and go home to one of their mansions with their money.  I don’t particularly like that and I bet you don’t either if you take some time to think about it.  Hey, I don’t begrudge them a bit for their success but lets go, right?!

Joey and Brad aren’t at the track to make friends, they are there to win.  I’m betting this mindset comes directly from Mr. Penske himself.  You don’t become that successful in life without having drive and focus and always, always trying to win.

I will be pulling for the 2 and 22 more and more.  I like competition in my competition.

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Here we go, back to a 1.5 mile track.  I like Kansas more than most of the mile and a half tracks.  I think the racing there is competitive and fun to watch.  Especially last fall when Joey and Matt got in to it.  That apparently isn’t going away.  There was more finger wagging after the race this past Sunday.  I didn’t like to see Matt upside down but I do like to see that kind of rivalry in the sport.

So who will win.  Still hard to bet against those Gibb’s  Toyotas.  They are making speed, speed, speed.  I am going to though and I’m not going with any of my Chevrolet teams, as much as that hurts me.  A Blue oval car will pull into victory lane this Sunday.  It will be back to back wins for Team Penske but not for Brad.  Joey Logano, who I am liking more and more will win.

In case you haven’t noticed Ford is making quite a push in the Sport.  The RFR bunch are running better, Brad has won twice, and young Ryan Blaney is running very well in the Wood Brother’s 21.  Next year they will have four more quality cars from Stewart Haas.  I am beginning to second guess my earlier opinion that it will take that team time to adjust. All of this hurts me a lot.  It also makes me happy to see more competitive cars on the track.

So it will be Joey who wins.  He will qualify well, top three, and run up front all day.  Kansas doesn’t have a history of a lot of yellow flags so look for a lot of green flag runs.  Here is my top 5:

  1.  Joey Logano
  2. Kyle Busch
  3. Brad Keselowski
  4. Jimmie Johnson
  5. Carl Edwards

Thanks for reading.  Talk to you tomorrow.

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Team Penske/Martinsville

There has been a lot of talk, a lot of talk this week about what happened last Fall between Joey and Matt at Martinsville.  I wrote about that when it happened and as far as I am concerned it’s now a non issue.  However, we do need to remember where the two Penske drivers were running when things went bad.

Neither Brad or Joey have ever won at Martinsville although both have a runner up finish at the clip.  Last Fall they were both running up front when things broke bad.  They had spent a lot of the afternoon working together on the restarts to make sure they continued to run in the top two.  Then Brad had a mechanical issue that took him and then later Joey, by way of the 20, out of the race.  That series of events changed the complexion of the race and the chase.

Here is something that is important to remember.  Joey and Brad both had great cars at Martinsville.  Here is something else to remember.  Team Penske will very badly want to win this weekend and with the extra week off they will have had that much more time to insure they have the best possible equipment when they pull into the infield.

Joey has, in my opinion, been treated unfairly by other drivers, fans, and to some extent the media.  He didn’t do anything wrong.  He races hard and isn’t that the whole point of racing?  This weekend he will stop apologizing, race hard with great equipment, and be up front.  Brad will race up front too but Joey represents the best chance for a Team Penske win.

So there you have it.  Hamlin, Johnson, and Logano represent, what I think, the drivers most likely to win Sunday at Martinsville.  Tomorrow I will make my prediction on which one will do it.  Let me know what you think.

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