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I was disappointed that both Gnassi cars were eliminated at Dover, especially the way they went out.  I’m a bow tie fan all the way and I like Larson and McMurray. I am glad to see them showing more speed and hopefully next year will see even better things from that team.

So on to the round of 12 and Charlotte.  Is there any reason to believe that Toyota, led by the 78, isn’t the favorite to win? Some people are saying the JGR cars are a little off but it may be very little.  Truex stunk up the 600.  Jimmie has been showing a lot of speed and so has Chase Elliot.  Neither of them will win however.  It also seems the Penske Ford’s are a bit off since the rule change.

I believe there will be a big surprise this weekend!!  Here’s my top 5.

5  Carl Edwards

4  Jimmie Jonson

3  Chase Elliot

2  Kyle Busc

1  Austin Dillon

Thats right!  Get ready to see the 3 and Austin Dillon in Victory Lane. RCR and Slugger aren’t afraid to push the set ups as far as possible now that there isn’t  a P2 or P3 for the LIS.  Austin was fast last week and will be faster this week!!

Let me know what you think.


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Bad Rule

Yesterday’s race winner, Martin Truex Jr., and Jimmie Johnson, who finished 12th both had cars that failed post race Laser Inspection.  It will be a day or two before penalties are announced.  However, we do know that the 78 penalty was not egregious enough to prevent the win from putting him through to the round of twelve.  For the 48 even a 10 point penalty could change their entire chase,  pushing him much further down in the standings and making moving to the next round much more difficult.

NASCAR has effectively implemented a rule that if broken, well a little, means nothing to the race winner and potentially everything to another finisher.  Just read that last sentence again.  I’m going to put it another way.  Cheat and win, no problem.  Cheat and finish 12th big problem.

No other way, in my opinion, to put it.  I really, really think the sanctioning body is over officiating the racing.  Just like in other sports we don’t want to see the officials decide the game.  It’s an easy fix.  Check the engine and tires after the race and let the PRE race inspection stand for everything else!!

Just my thoughts, yours?

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Three wins for the Chase?

I really like the Chase format!  I like that the field is reset after the first 26 races of the season and that drivers are eliminated as the chase progresses and the last race of the season really means something.  There is only one thing I don’t like about the chase.  I don’t like that one win automatically locks a driver in. We will never, ever under see more than 16 different winners a year.

Why don’t I like it?  Because it hurts the racing as the season goes on.  Let’s be honest, after a team wins a race, especially when it happens early in the season, they start working on things for the chase and while they would like to win another race or two it simply isn’t as important as being ready for the playoffs.  We need to find a way to make sure the teams continue to race for wins and not just to get ready for the playoffs.

Here is my solution.  Let’s make it Three wins and your automatically in the chase and then fill the remainder of the sports, as we do now by points. Doing this will help both by teams needing to continue to do as well as possible.  Three wins is a lofty goal, rarely met, and that fact will increase the emphasis on points.  It will make it both harder to get in on wins and points.

Will we still have the same teams/drivers in the chase?  Sure we will but at least it will provide better racing during the first 26 in order to get there.

Just a thought.

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Relief Driver

Sometime this week, at least as I understand it, NASCAR will make a determination on what will happen should Ty Dillon win the cup race at Talladega this Sunday.  Ty, as I am sure you have heard by now, will relieve Tony Stewart in the 14 at the first caution.  It is my understanding that as it stands now that should that happen Tony will get the credit for the win making him eligible for the Chase if he finishes in the top 30.  I have some real problems with all of this.

First, I don’t think Tony should have received the waiver for not having started all of the races.  He hurt himself away from the track and while engaged in an activity that maybe he should not have been doing if he wanted to be responsible to his team, fans, and sponsors.  Second, is he cleared to race or not?  I say don’t get in the car at any track if you can’t be in the car at every track.  Lastly, and maybe most importantly, what kind of rule allows you to begin a race then have someone take over for you and you get the credit for how they did.  What???  Just take a minute to think about that should NASCAR allow it to happen.  We would have a driver in the chase who didn’t start all of the races, didn’t finish in the top 16, and unless he wins somewhere else never pulled into victory lane.   A lot of people don’t think NASCAR is a legitimate sport.  Please don’t give anyone more reason to think that.

Now I like to think I’m not dumb.  I know why Tony is receiving all these allowances and so do you.  This is Tony’s last year and NASCAR needs him.  The sport draws more attention when Tony is involved and more importantly they make more money when he is competing.  I get it but c’mon.  Please NASCAR, we can appreciate Tony for being one of the greatest racers of all time, a great champion, and a polarizing figure in the sport without making a mockery of the process to let him compete in the playoffs.


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Championship Weekend

I have listened all week on both television and radio about what will happen this weekend in Homestead.  I really like the current format for the Chase.  I think Kyle Busch, Gordon, Truex Jr, and Harvick would probably been the guys in the running regardless of the format.  However, I really like that they reset the points and run straight up against each other.

I also think that qualifying is really, really important for this race.  We all know with the current package that NASCAR runs it is very hard to pass.  This means that if a team doesn’t qualify well they will need to make up those positions with Pit Strategy, something that rarely works out.

So here we go:

4th  Jeff Gordon

I want Jeff to win, I really want Jeff to win.  Who wouldn’t like to see him ride off to the Fox Booth with a fifth championship.  However, I think he will qualify poorly, starting 15th and spend the day trying to get to the front.

3rd Martin Truex Jr.

Truex will have a good piece this weekend but just not quite good enough.  Lacking the support from a teammate his set up will be a little off.  He will run top 10 but not high enough.

2nd Kyle Busch

Kyle will qualify well.  I’m guessing in the top five.  He will race our eventual champion most of the day but just won’t have quite enough speed to stay with him.

1st Kevin Harvick

He has been fast all year and that won’t change this weekend.  Harvick will get the pole, take the lead early and not relinquish it most of the afternoon.

Talk to you Monday!

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Drama at Martinsville

In my race predictions last week, I had Jeff Gordon winning the race.  That was about the only thing I got right for the weekend.  I was happy to see Jeff win and move on to the Championship round.  What a story that would be for him to win his fifth Championship in his retirement year.  I will be rooting for that.

If he is going to do the he will still have to beat Joey Logano.  That brings me to something I got very, very wrong.  I said Matt was a pro and he wouldn’t do anything to tarnish the Chase or the great sport of NASCAR.  Matt, nine laps down, stuffed Joey into the wall and took away Joey’s fourth straight win and his spot in the Championship round.  It is a sad day for NASCAR.

What Matt did was the reason why a lot of people don’t like NASCAR and why they don’t have as many fans as they should.  This is the second week in a row when a competitor did something (see cheated) to alter the outcome of the race.  Last week it was Kevin Harvick and this week Kenseth.  Matt took out the best car and maybe the best racer in the Sport right now.

NASCAR this is your chance.  This is your chance to make a stand.  It is your chance to establish a rule and subsequent punishment that will ensure nothing like this happens ever again.  No Super Secret Probation, no irrelevant points penalty, no inconsequential fine.  I mean a real rule with real teeth to it.  How about a 10 race suspension?  How about a Million dollar fine?  That would be a good place to start.  You think Dollar General is interested in paying 20 million dollars and there car is parked for 10 weeks?  Me either.

Some people may be thinking, how will we know that something ,like what Matt did was not an accident?  How do we know his right front really didn’t lock up?  Because I’m not an idiot and neither are you.  Be honest with yourself, there is no possibility that what happened yesterday was an accident.

I hope Joey wins at Texas next week or Phoenix the week after.  He didn’t deserve what happened yesterday.  I also hope Matt gets parked for a long time.  I hope Joe Gibbs gets fined a huge amount of money.  Mostly I hope nothing like this ever happens again.

NASCAR its slipping away from you.  Grab ahold and pull it back in before its too late.

Thanks for your time, talk to you soon.

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Joey, Joey, Joey

Last week I wrote a post about the get together between Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth at Kansas.  This week at Talladega things heated up between the two of them again when Matt felt Joey pulled in front of him and brake checked him.  Matt, on his in car radio, said “Tell the 22 I’m gonna knock him out after the race.  Tell him to hide behind his daddy.”

Joey is getting to them.  He is good, very good having now won three in a row and six overall in 2015.  He is a good driver in good equipment and I believe the other drivers, both those still in the chase and out, believe he will win the Championship.  Joey has come in to his own and I believe this signals a changing of the guard in NASCAR.  A change that may have started when his teammate Brad Keselowski, at the age of 28, won the 2012 Sprint Cup Championship.  The change was made even more clear when Jeff Gordon announced his retirement last year and Tony Stewart did the same this.

You have heard the expression, “Father Time is Undefeated.  I believe this is true in all sports and all occupations to some extent.  Sure in NASCAR an athlete has a little longer career than athletes in other sports and can even remain competitive into their 40’s but still they begin to slip.

The driver who I believe may be the best that NASCAR has ever seen, Jimmie Johnson, is now 40 and while I would like to see him win another Championship or two time is running out on that possibility.  Also over 40 are Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, and Dale Jr.  Drivers like Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin, Kurt Busch,  and Carl Edwards are staring the age in the face with Harvick being 39.

It is the natural way of things.  These were the young drivers just a moment ago or at least it seems like it.  We don’t want to see them go or their skills decline but we have little choice.  Jimmie, Jeff, Kurt, and Matt have won Cup Championships the others have had great careers with many wins, made millions of dollars and live the kind of life most can only dream of but they will need to make way.

Joey, Kyle (yes still only 30), Kyle Larson, Chase Elliot, Ryan Blaney, and Eric Jones will be taking their place soon.  They are young and hungry and young and young.  They don’t have that thought in the back of their minds that maybe it would be better to be at home or at the beach with their family right now.  The only thing that is on their mind is winning.

So I can see why Matt is upset, he still wants to win and maybe he sees himself passing him when he sees Joey?

Thanks for your time, talk to you soon.

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