Book three of the Witnter House Series finds operative Jim Kanning, now having worked for Billionaire Ted Jennings for nearly a decade. He is about to be sent on the most challanging assignment to date when Jennings expalins that an old friend has become, unwittingly, caught in the middle of a deadly hunt. Kanning knows that if his friend is going to survive he will need the sort of help only he can provide

Karl Long, a PHD candidate at one on the country’s most prestigeous engineering schools, has developed a formula that could change the world forever, synthetic gasoline.

Karl assumes his discovery will be met with great interest and praise. He soon finds he is very wrong. Instead the formula has put himself, his family, and friends in grave danger as those wishing to keep the formula secret will do anything to get it and silence Karl.

Jim Kanning, still recovering from injuries suffered during his last assignment, is sent by his benevolent employer Ted Jennings to find Karl and the bring Jennings the formula. It is a mission that takes Kanning to places he never wanted to see again and puts him in contact with people who assumed he was gone forever.

Kanning will have to battle past demons and deadly adversaries to bring the prize to his boss. Once again the race is on.

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